Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Teleprompter are no longer exclusively used by those who are delivering news or entertainment on TV. They are also being used by individuals who are presenting or making YouTube videos. Having a teleprompter next to your camera could not only address your confidence but it could also help you make your show better. Purchasing a teleprompter is easy, if you are on a tight budget, all you have to do is check out Amazon and for sure you will find one that would suit your needs and budget. Take note, however, you would of course still need a tablet or a smartphone for you to be able to project text through it. Do not worry, there are a lot of apps that could help you transform your iPhone or iPad into a teleprompter.

In this article, we will feature different teleprompter apps which come with different features and functions.

Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad and iPhone

1. Apple Pages – inbuilt teleprompter for iPad

Pages app actually has a hidden teleprompter mode. All you need to do is open your script on the Pages app. Then, tap on options found on the top right portion and select presenter mode. Though this is not considered as a replacement for a teleprompter, you could scroll your script manually next to your camera.

2. Parrot Teleprompter

This teleprompter is simple to use. Just like what its name indicates, it is an app that lets you read your entire script in front of the camera like a bird. It has the ability to mirror, customize the speed and size and even loop your entire script. Aside from that, you could also change the background and font color. Furthermore, Parrot teleprompter makes it easier for you not to get lost as it will show your position on the script through a highlighter mark.

Parrot allows you to connect to your Dropbox account to import your scripts as well. The only downside of this app is just like Pages, you will be able to control it only manually.

3. PromptSmart Lite

This app comes with basic features of teleprompter. It has different text customization, background and mirror mode. It also comes with a VoiceTrack which it would automatically scroll

your script as you read it aloud. What is amazing about this function is that even if you go off the script, it will let you catch up with the text on the screen. Furthermore, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use this VoiceTrack function.

Though this app is free to use, for more features, you will have to spend about $20 for its pro version.

4. OnCue Teleprompter app with Remote Control

If you are one of those who needs control, OnCue teleprompter is your best bet. It allows you to control it through the traditional remote control feature. Hence, when using this app, you will need two devices. One device to work as a server while the other one as the client.

OnCue teleprompter comes with a Rich text editor which allows you to change fonts and adjust the size. You could also use emotion cues through changing the colors of the words.

5. QuotTeleprompter

QuotTeleprompter is similar to OnCue Teleprompter but is more refined and has a better remote control interface which you could control from another iPad or another iOS device. It is easy to use with its one-touch feature. This app is offered for free and its full version costs about $5.

6. Teleprompter Premium- Control Teleprompter with Bluetooth Controller

Through this app, you will be able to use your iPad app with a gaming controller, Bluetooth keyboard and web browser. You will also be able to import scripts from your word document, PDF, text, PowerPoint, etc. Aside from that, this app comes with useful features such as mirroring, adjusting text speed, size, cue point and many more.

This app is offered for free, however, you would need to pay $14.99 if you wish to access premium features such as auto-captions, RTF files and many more.

7. Video teleprompter Lite

This app is considered as more advanced version. It lets you import your script from your phone, cloud or other apps. It will also prompt you to allow the use of a camera and it will let you record video on your iPad which makes it easier for you. Aside from that, you will be able to adjust the text area. Hence, you could move your script closer to your camera which would make you look that you are looking at the lens directly. In addition to that, you will be able to use a Bluetooth

keyboard or even your Apple watch to control the speed and recording without having to touch your iPad. The app has the ability to pair and react to your commands. However, this feature is available on its premium version only. The premium version offers different format, colors, keyboard control, ability to import scripts and remove watermark.

8. Rhetorician

This app is not your normal traditional teleprompter app but rather it provides you a process of editing, direction, shooting and watching. To start your teleprompter app, you would need to import your script to the app. The app will automatically break down the entire script into lines. Then, you will assign time and emotion to each line. This will ensure your visual cues to guide you all throughout your scene. Use your iPad camera to record your video. Once you are done with your recording, watch it and finalize it. This app is offered for free and for its premium version for $2.

A Real Teleprompter

Though we are very confident with the apps we have featured in this article to provide you a makeshift Teleprompter, a real teleprompter will provide you professional touch to your presentation. Through it, you will look like you are talking directly to the camera while reading your lines. If you are on a tight budget, do not worry as there are a lot of budget-friendly teleprompters.

We recommend Glide Gear TMP100 . This product is light and it is compatible with most cameras. Its glass offers a 70/30 standard beam split glass which ensures that your camera will not be able to record any texts. Furthermore, with Glide Gear TMP100, you do not need to worry about assembling. All you need to do is take the product out of its bag, mount it on the tripod and you are ready to go. The Glide Gear TMP100 is priced at $200.


In comparing all the apps featured in this article, we recommend and prefer more Parrot as it is a standalone teleprompter. It comes with useful features such as mirroring, speed and even ability to adjust texts. Prompster and Teleprompter Pro Lite also does the same and works amazing as well just like Parrot. We hope through this article we were able to help you make a sound decision in choosing the best teleprompter app that would suit your needs.

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