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The Archos Kitchen Screen Review — Yet Another Smarter Way To Live

No homeowner ever wants to experience coming home to an empty fridge. Nobody want to experience going to the fridge to pour himself a glass of milk at night or early in the morning only to realize that there is no milk. It is similarly frustrating when you start cooking or baking only to realize that you forgot some ingredients. This is what Archos Kitchen Screen seeks to end; frustration over left out items on your grocery list.


Archos has partnered with Freshub to create the Archos Kitchen Screen device. They have launched a smart home starter before but the Archos Kitchen Screen is more focused on what it wants to provide which is support for your kitchen needs. This device aims to solve everyday kitchen woes but at the same time also functions as a normal android tablet.



Pros and Cons 

This device is great help in solving kitchen problems especially in ensuring that you do not lack any of your most needed kitchen supplies. With a simple voice command or scanning the barcode of the item it automatically adds it to your grocery shopping cart. The convenience it gives is very helpful especially for busy homeowners.

Aside from adding your most needed supplies to your cart, the Archos Kitchen Screen also provides alternative choices should the item you are looking for is out-of-stock. You will not just be provided with the alternative choice as it will also provide you the price of that item. This will be a great function especially for those who are sticking to a certain budget.

With the Archos Kitchen Screen, shopping for your groceries will be a breeze since you just need to tell it what you need or scan the barcode. The Archos Kitchen Screen will not just give you easy access to purchase what you need, it can also suggest coupons for you to use for more shopping savings. If you love cooking,this gadget also provides hundreds of recipes that you can try.

The gadget has just been launched at the last CES; it has yet to be made available in the market. There is also limited information shared about the gadget especially about its specs. Although some of its functions has been shared there is more to know about this gadget, especially its price.

Aside from its price, Archos and Freshub has yet to share the retailers who they are working with to provide its main feature. They have not shared as well the step-by-step process that will happen once a user scans a barcode and finishes adding items to his grocery cart. 


The Archos Kitchen Screen seems to be a great addition to your home gadgets however, aside from its automated grocery function the rest of its features is not groundbreaking. One can easily access endless coupons through any other Android tablet. Recipes are also available in the internet for free.

There is still limited information about the product. Best is to wait and see first if for you it is really worth purchasing.




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