The Best Chromebook for Seniors

In the technological market, you would find a lot of different Chromebooks which suits different needs and preferences. In fact, in this article, we shall feature and list the best chromebooks for seniors.

Chromebooks are priced at a low price which makes it a great alternative to a normal, usual and traditional laptop. It uses and runs on a Google software. This means, you will be using Chrome web browser on this device.

Aside from it being cheaper, Chromebooks are easier to use. Moreover, it has lesser risk from being hacked by hackers. With all of these features, we could say that Chromebooks are perfect options for seniors.

Best Chromebooks for Seniors

HP Chromebook 14

This chromebook we could say are for those who are on a budget. Though it is the the cheapest you would find, but it is perfect for the seniors with its 14 inch screen size and its simple design. It comes with numerous ports including HDMI out which allows you to be able to plug it to your TV. It also has USB 3.0 and micro SD card slot for your pictures.

This Chromebook is perfect to be used for everyday tasks. It is perfect option. Not only it is reasonably priced, it could also be used for usual activities like watch movies, web browsing, emailing and a lot more.

Google Pixelbook Go

This chromebook has a battery life of 12 hours which means you could work outside without having to worry about plugging your device somewhere just to be able to work. It comes with 13.3 inch touchscreen and it has two color options which could suit your personality. It weighs about 2.3 lbs which makes it easy to carry around and its keyboard is very comfortable to type on. If you are really on a very tight budget, this chromebook is the best to go,

Lenovo Chomebook Duet

This chromebook is one of the best as it allows you not only to use it as a laptop but also as a tablet. Yes, it allows you to take off its keyboard. This is possible as the keyboard is attached by magnets. This chrome book is perfect for bedtime browsing and watching movies as well. Its screen is only 10.1 inch which makes it easy to bring anywhere.


This concludes our article on best chromebooks for seniors. We hope that through this article we were able to help you choose one that would best suit your needs and preferences.

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