The Galaxy Note 5 to see a UK launch in January 2016

The Galaxy Note 5 has launched in Korea, the US, and worldwide, but the biggest disappointment for UK fans was the Korean giant’s announcement that the Galaxy Note 5 would not see a UK launch. UK fans were more than disappointed; they were outraged and wanted to storm Samsung’s headquarters.

Well, perhaps it’s the case that Samsung has been waiting to see how the Galaxy S6 edge Plus would be received. A new report says that Samsung may very well send the Galaxy Note 5 to the UK in January 2016, which is next month. Tech source Gadgette received word from a Samsung representative who is unnamed in the report:

…a trusted Samsung source has let us know that the company is now planning to bring the 5 to the UK after all, in late January 2016. That’s too late for Christmas, almost half a year later than the rest of the world got it, and right before they unveil their next Galaxy phone in February.

We’re a bit confused by this move, but more phone choice is always welcome.

Our source is the same one who told us a considerable time before the press event that the Note 5 wasn’t coming to the UK, so we’re pretty confident they’re right.

What’s interesting here is to see that Samsung has said that the Galaxy Note 5 will not see a 2016 launch, but the individual Samsung source says to the contrary of the company’s official statement.

Regardless of who’s right, the bottom line is that for many customers, the Galaxy Note 5 will be a “has-been” for many tech enthusiasts who are anxiously awaiting to see what the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 6 will bring. The Galaxy Note 5 will be 5 months old by the time it lands in the United Kingdom, meaning that it will be just shy of the “don’t buy it any longer stage.” The simple reason to refrain from buying a device at that age is because the device will only receive updates for 18 months (meaning that you’ll only have 13 months of updates before Samsung retires the device).

It may be a little too late for the Galaxy Note 5 and UK customer access, but you can’t say Samsung isn’t going to try and make up for turning up its nose at the UK back in August.


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