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Yetu Smart Home Gateway Review

Before, appliances just perform a single action, but nowadays it is different. Homes are becoming smarter with appliances that can communicate with one another using an interface that can connect it. It may seem impossible because different appliances have different operating systems, but that is what Yetu Smart Home Gateway  can do.


Yetu is a company founded in 2010 and is based in Berlin. The Yetu Smart Home Gateway ’s platform is considered as the first in the smart home front. It is the first open platform which can be used across different operating systems making it usable for all devices. What Yetu Smart Home Gateway  provides is an all-in-one system that can help you control the smart devices in your home.

The Yetu Smart Home Gateway was showcased in the latest CES where a demonstration was done to help show its capabilities to the audience.

Pros and Cons 

One of the greatest features that the Yetu Smart Home Gateway  can boast of is its ability to connect any smart device regardless of the operating system it uses. This means that you can connect all of your smart devices at home to a single platform which allows you to easily control them.

The Yetu Smart Home Gateway  platform comes with a remote control that allows easy control across smart devices. However the control is not limited to the remote included in the platform, users can also access the interface of the Yetu Smart Home Gateway using a PC, tablet, or mobile device regardless of the operating system it uses.

Aside from helping integrate all of your smart devices into a single platform, the Yetu Smart Home Gateway has security features too. The platform has alerting mechanisms that can send signals via light changes or audio signals to alert homeowners. It also allows you to check who rang your doorbell through your TV and at the same time it automatically pauses what you are watching.

User privacy is also a factor that they considered in creating the platform. The Yetu Smart Home Gateway  platform is encrypted that even they cannot access it if they are not given any permission by the users.

Although the Yetu Gateway looks promising, the features can vary depending on your home. To date the system is not yet readily available in the market, thus it has not been tested by real users yet. Aside from this factor, the price of the device has not been shared to the market as well. Having an all-in-one platform may come at a costly price.


For the Yetu Smart Home Gateway  platform, our recommendation is to wait it out first. Postpone deciding whether or not you will buy one before the official announcement regarding the price and the availability of the product. Yetu has just introduced the platform and there is still limited information about it.

It is also best to also analyze first if you really need a platform for your home. Investing in this all-in-one platform can be costly even if it will help integrate all of your smart devices at home.




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