The Impressive Tech of Halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians is Microsoft’s major release for holiday 2015. While not everything is riding on the title, a failure here who be a major below. While that’s unlikely considering the cache which the brand has among gamers, the demanding nature of the gaming public is such that not providing certain features can have the effect of making many think they getting a sub-par product.

343 Industries made a consistent 60 fps a priority for the new Halo title and according to Eurogamer they succeeded. While some concessions were made in order to reach their goal, it’s the way they did it which is most interesting. While many developers would have simply lowered the resolution of the entire game in order to keep frame rate high, 343 instead went with a dynamic resolution which scales depending on the needs of the game in order to keep a consistent¬†frame rate.

They aren’t the first to do this, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt does it as well, but according to Digital Foundry Halo 5 has the most impressive use of this tech to date. The X and Y values are adjusted independently meaning that the number of different resolutions is actually quite vast.

Check out the full detailed information below:

While some games may need their resolution more than their frame rate, for a multiplayer shooter the consistent frame rate is key.

If you’re playing Halo 5, do you notice the drop in resolution, or are you moving to fast to be able to tell?

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