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Thermostats The Work With Ring

Ring, smart home security company has been growing fast and its products are starting to become popular especially with them using the Ring app. One of their products that smart home users adore is the Ring Alarm.

The Ring Alarm has gone a long way and it has transformed many smart homes better and secured. It has become a smart home platform which has expanded into a wide range of products which is under the works with the Ring program.

When dealing with smart technology, you would definitely want to get your money’s worth especially when you are investing a lot to ensure that your family lives comfortably. This is possible when you integrate a lot of things with it. One of them could be your smart Thermostat. By doing this, your thermostat could be controlled from one app.

What is amazing about Ring is that recently, it has announced that it could support thermostat and the good news is that this includes Honeywell products – T5, T6, T9, T10 Pro and Z-Wave connected T6 Pro.

Z-Wave Thermostats

To be able to communicate with other devices, Ring Alarm uses WiFi and Z-Wave. With Z-wave being able to pair with different smart products, it is great that it could also now pair with Z-Wave Smart through the integration of Ring.

There are models that have basic controls and yet there are also others that do not work even when you use manual controls. It could even drain your thermostat’s battery faster. With this, you must keep in mind that, you will not be able to get to use nor work with the scheduling functionality when you use unsupported models in the Ring app. This is due to Z-wave thermostat disabling their own scheduling function they are paired to a controller. The reason behind this is because it thinks that you, yourself will be managing it through your smart home platform.

Integrate Via Alexa

Another great feature that you could do is integrating Alexa. Through this you will be able to have more automated functions that you could add to your smart home. This would not be a problem as Amazon owns both Alexa and Ring.

Integrating Alexa would allow you to control your thermostat through Alexa in response to Ring events.

Best Thermostats that Work With Ring

Honeywell T6 Pro


  • Battery OR C-wire powered
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Supports 2 stage heating/cooling
  • Supports multi-stage heat pumps
  • Supports dual fuel and AUX heat
  • Detailed touch screen control
  • Optional outdoor sensor support

Honeywell T6 Pro is one of the favorites of many. It is sleek with its detailed touch screen control panel which you could use to view the temperature. You will also be able to see and view the humidity as well. It has different configuring options and its panel has a backlit when you use it.

Furthermore, this device supports 2 stage heating and cooling in its conventional system through its auxiliary heating and dual fuel systems. It supports 3 stage heating/2 stage cooling heat pumps.

The T6 Pro comes with a clean terminal block on its back. This is where you would find the wiring terminals. It uses push clips instead of screw terminals which means you could install it nicely. To pair this one with Z-Wave is easy and straightforward. It has a solid connection through its C-wire power/AA batteries. It supports better security and performance. Its temperature control is accurate as well.

Potential Concerns

When installing T6 Pro, you would need the help of a professional. Though you could do this yourself, however, there are certain features such as Z-wave connectivity which only professionals could unlock.

Built-in 7-day schedule function will be disabled internally when you activate Z-wave. Keep in mind that you will have to pair your thermostat to your Ring Alarm’s Z-wave network.

Honeywell T10 Pro


  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • 24V with C-wire
  • Dual band WiFi – no hub
  • Room sensor included
  • Energy star certified

The T10 Pro comes with a clean interface and yet has a sharp color display. It has accurate temperature sensors and room sensors which allows it to get control over the temperature of different areas of your home. Its sensors utilizes the newer RedLink 3.0 which provides it up to a 200′ range.

Another amazing thing about the T10 Pro is that it could also be used for monitoring outside temperature. It could provide you accurate reports and provide an accurate management of cycle times.

Through the display of T10 Pro, you will be able to set up schedules and geofencing behaviors. It supports conventional 2 stage heat and cool and 3 stage heat/2 stage cool with heat pump. It also has AUX/ emergency heat, humidifier, dehumidifier or ventilator.

Potential Concerns

You would need a professional to install this one for you. For one it offers warranty and there is a possibility that you accidentally void it. There could also be a known firmware issue which prevents you to connect to WiFi 6 router.

Pairing Ring With Alexa

  • Open Ring app on your mobile
  • Tap three lines on the top left corner
  • Select Account Settings
  • Select Link your Amazon account
  • Tap Link Accounts
  • Provide your password for your Ring account
  • Enter your password for your Ring account
  • On the Amazon welcome screen log in to you Amazon account
  • Sign in and you are good to go

Using Alexa Routines for Automation

There are many things you could automate on your smart thermostat which would be of great fit for your Ring Alarm. This is possible through the integration of Alexa. The most used feature for this case is Routines – alarm state or sensors which would be used to trigger and adjust the temperature of the thermostat and the like. It could also trigger temperature change when it detects a motion inside the room. There are numerous features and functions you will be able to benefit from when you integrate Alexa into your thermostat and Ring devices.


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use as a guide in choosing the best thermostats that work with Ring.

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