Must-Have Things for a True Vinyl Lover

If you just recently plunged into the analog sound world or preparing a gift for a vinyl fan, you might be tempted into purchasing the gear that is “the best”. The best receiver for turntable, the most powerful preamp, the most expensive cartridges… Yet, “the best” isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Below you will find the list of the things welcomed by any vinyl music lover in his or her turntable system.


Collection of Vinyl

The thematic collection of the popular songs, the release of the favorite band or just an assortment of the modern or retro compositions will always hit the spot. The original covers usual for LPs also deliver the aesthetic pleasure to true vinyl lovers. Pay attention that many modern songs are also available in the analog format.


Turntable (back-up option)

Even the owner of the large and powerful turntable set will appreciate a smaller back-up turntable that might serve as a second music zone or a travel-bound option.


Depending on the listener’s needs, it can be a basic budget model with a few functions or an expensive professional turntable featuring several connections, enhanced control tweaking option, and accepting different types of cartridges. The former will fit the beginner sound system or the one used for occasional music listening. The latter will be appreciated by vinyl enthusiasts keen on getting the most authenticity out of their records.


Audio Interface

For those loving to digitize their vinyl recordings and improvise with the parameters, the quality audio interface makes a handy medium between the analog sound and its digital copy. The middle-class audio interface will easily replace the much more expensive USB-equipped turntable that usually provides less accurate signal transmission.


Maintenance Kit

Though the vinyl records have tiny grooves, they tend to accumulate microscopic dust specks over time, causing noise and static at the playing. The good news is that this dust can be removed. Bad news – it requires special equipment that wouldn’t cause more damage to the sensitive surface of the record. Thus, this kit would make a great addition to any turntable system – with the older LPS and brand-new ones.


Frames and Shelves for Vinyl Display

The true fans of vinyl records value them more for their exquisite covers. Designers offer numerous ideas for decorating your house with the records’ covers. Wall-mounted frames that allow to put the LP cover inside and retrieve it when needed. The solid short shelves have special grooves for holding the covers and the sliding in and out inscriptions (like “On the run”, “Cherished collection”, etc.)


Storage Case

Storage plays an important part in vinyl records’ quality. As mentioned above, they are sensitive to dust and damage, so, the properly organized case will allow the records to contact with other objects (including dust) least possible. There is a wide choice for storage cases, from large and heavy stationary boxes (usually, made of wood or other organic materials) to the light sealed carrying cases allowing to have your favorite LPs along in any travel.

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