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Tips for Passing VMware certifications for Cloud & Virtualization Professionals

Virtualization has become popular in organizations as they try to cut costs while ensuring security and efficiency. The capability to support different operating systems in a workstation and run any program in any computer in a flexible manner has made it to be largely embraced. This has increased the demand for virtualization professionals. Many companies have come up with certifications in order to validate knowledge and skills for candidates in virtualization. Let’s learn more about VMware and its role in promoting virtual environments.


VMware is a company that was created in 1998 and is now under Dell technologies. Its headquarters are found in Palo Alto, California. VMware specializes in creation of virtualization software for both servers and desktops.

Below is a list of the most popular VMware certification. It aims at testing your ability to create, install and manage VMware vSphere environments. vSphere is a server utilization platform or a virtualized data center platform.

  1. Vmware VCP6-DCV vSphere Version: 6 Exam 2V0-620
  2. Vmware VCP6-DCV vSphere Version: 6 Exam: 2V0-621
  3. Vmware VCP6.5-DCV vSphere Version: 6.5 Exam: 2V0-622d certification (VCP6-DCV) exam contains 70 single and multi-choice questions. You are given a period of 105 minutes to complete the exam. The passing score of this exam is 300.

Why are VMware certifications so popular?

  • VMware Company is the leader in the virtualization space.
  • VMware covers a variety of areas in technology, hence suitable for beginners and experts.
  • VMware certification is flexible, you always find what suits you.

Why are VMware certificationsimportant for IT specialists and professionals?

    • VMware certification recognizes your knowledge and skills in virtualization.
    • After the certification you get official transcripts.
    • VMware brings along with it a VMware digital badge.
    • You are able to use the certification logo.
    • The certification helps you access the exclusive portal and logo merchandise store.


  • VMware certification helps you get discounts from VMware Press.
  • You get a chance to be invited to beta exams and classes and this increases your skills and knowledge.


Why should you get VMware certifications?

  • Career growth

If you want to advance and grow your career VMware is the certification to look for. During the exam preparation you learn new skills and gain a lot of knowledge. Getting the certification further proves your abilities in virtualization.

  • Flexible levels

VMware certification has many levels, giving you a variety to choose from depending on your career goals.

  • High job opportunities

If you are looking for a job in the IT field, having a couple of certifications lands you a job fast. VMware certification is one of the popular certification that you should have.

  • Recognition

Earning a VMware certification makes you stand out from the rest. It comes with several benefits as you may be chosen for huge roles or you may earn a promotion.

  • Ability to accomplish complex projects

The knowledge and skills gained when preparing for VMware certification exam helps you learn how to work on complex tasks.

How do you become VMware certified?

  • Learn and gain experience with vSphere.
  • Enroll in the required training course.
  • Pass a foundation exam. That is vSphere 6 foundations or vSphere 6.5 foundations
  • Do and pass VMware Certified Professional 6 Virtualization exam.


Here are some tips to help you pass VMware certification exam

  • Join a study group

A study group can act as a great study resource. Through discussions you get to understand topics in depth. You learn different methods to approach the exam. Discussions also help you realize the topics you are yet to grasp and hence work on them more.

  • Know the exam objectives

Download a blueprint for the VMware certification and review it carefully. It lists all the topics the exam covers. You hence focus on the right topics when studying.

  • Use practice questions

Studying alone may not help enough. Practice questions help you know how ready you are for the exam. If you can attempt all the questions correctly then you are ready. If not you get an opportunity to study more on the topics you realize you are weak in.

  • Use the right study materials

It is recommended to use the official materials for study listed in the VMware blueprint. These materials cover all the exam topics, so you are sure you won’t miss any exam topic.

  • Hands on experience

Set up a lab for practical experiments. This helps you familiarize yourself with tools and configurations. It is an easier way to understand hard concepts.

What are the available training courses for VMware certification exam?

  • VMware educationthis platform provides training to help you gain knowledge and skills required for VMware technology.
  • New horizons Training Course– it provides the right training to help you pass the VMware certification exam.
  • Global knowledgeTraining Course – it is an authorized VMware training siteoffering virtual classes on how to install, configure and manage VMware vSphere.
  • Learning tree internationalDeploying VMware vSphere Course– it offers extensive training for VMware desktop virtualization.
  • Complete VMware vSphere 6.5 Course onUdemy – it offersfrom beginner to advanced training on VMware.
  • ExamCollection, PrepAway, ExamSnap and Exam-Labs– these websites offerfree exam dumps and video tutorials.


Are VMware exam dumps helpful?

Though you shouldn’t depend on exam dumps alone, they are a helpful tool for study. Exam dumps help you familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam. This reduces anxiety and increases confidence. Exam dumps helps you learn a strategy to approach questions. Note that you should not memorize the answers to these exams or make them the main study tool because VMware exam tests on different questions each time.

Visit Websites Below For More Info:


Top web resources for VMware exam preparation include:

  • VMware’s official VCP homepagethis website provides a blueprint that outlines the exam objectives. It also provides exam information and topics.
  • VMware Certification Exam Prepit is a well-structured study resource that helps you in exam preparation. It is presented in form of a video.
  • Simon Long’s VCP4 Study Notes and Practice Examspractice questions are important for your study. This site provides good notes and practice questions to help you study better.

Virtualization is one of the best technologies developed in the technological sphere today. It has been very beneficial to organizations since its invention. Most organizations are continuing to adopt it. This implies that a VMware certification is the best certification to go for. Not only will it advance your IT career, but you will also learn new skills and improve your expertise in your area of interest.

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