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Choosing the Right Toddler Table and Chair Set for Kids

Children having their own table and chair set is very convenient as it provides easier reach for them. They could play, study, create art works, etc. on it. It also provides a feeling of freedom and it teaches them the value of independence at the same time they could enjoy their own space. However, it is important to choose the right play table and chair set. Here are a few tips and considerations in choosing the best table and chair set for toddlers.

  1. Selecting the Right Size – It is wise to check the right size for your child’s age as there are some sets that are too small or too big for their reach. Example, chairs measuring 10 inches off the ground are perfect and great for 2-year-old kids. About fourteen to fifteen inches are recommended for children who are already studying and are into elementary school level. This size and level could also accommodate adults.
  2. Inside or Outside – You will also have to consider the place you will put your children’s table set. Most sets are recommended to be placed inside the house as mostly sets are not suitable to be placed outside due to weather conditions.

Best Toddler Table and Chair Sets:

1. Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Furniture Set

You will be impressed with Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Furniture Set as it is made with high standards of safety. It is very durable and tough for kids to play on. It is designed with bright and fun colors which your children will enjoy.

The table top of this set is very ideal for playing, creating crafts, eating and many more. Its size is about 10.44 inches high and are perfect for a toddler’s reach. The table is so easy to clean and it does not take too much space. The only problem is you cannot put too much weight on it as it could slide across the floor.

2. Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Activity Table

This set is compatible with Lego. The two-in-one Plastic Activity Table by Tot Tutors has a surface perfect for play and building Duplo and Lego blocks. It has a removable flat surface top and once you remove it, a construction table will appear where it allows children to build Legos. This specific area is also convenient as it could serve as a storage area for toys and blocks.

The tabletop could also be used for coloring, craft-making, eating snacks, drawing and playing. It is easy to assemble and also, its height is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

The design of this set is very beautiful and could compliment any furniture in your home. It comes with different colors- yellow, blue, green and red and could be placed in your children’s bedroom, playroom or living room.

3. Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Furniture Set

The design of this set is perfect for your patio or living room. It comes with vibrant colors and is perfect for kid-friendly decorated rooms. This set is recommended for children ages three and up. It is made of sturdy and durable materials and it is easy to assemble as well.

Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Furniture Set is great for playing games, doing arts and crafts and even eating meals on it.

Available in green, yellow, orange, purple and blue colors, this table and chair set is great for your kids’ activities and for bonding with the family.

4. Folding Table and Chairs by Bracelet Babies

Foldable legs and chairs for children are one of the safest sets in this list. It has safety locks which works with a push button that only adults could push. The chairs are also very portable and comes with rubber caps which prevents the chair from sliding and scratches on the floor as well.

This model is available in green, blue, yellow and red colors.

Downsides of this set are that it is a bit expensive for its quality and your children’s fingers could get stuck or caught in the slots of the chair’s back part.

5. IKEA Table and Chairs Set

IKEA is a well-known household brand and of course it would be a shame if they will not have a set of tables and chairs for children. Their product is very sturdy, durable, economical and efficient. It is easy to assemble with its screws at its joints. Furthermore, this model is easy to move around from one place to another.

IKEA table and chairs set comes with two chairs and one rectangular table. Its chairs are designed with a height of eleven inches and its table measures about 17 ¾ inches. This set is made of fiberboard, acrylic paint and foil.

6. Kidkraft Round Table and 2 Chair Set

Pleasing to the eyes with its simple design, this set made by KidKraft will surely be enjoyed by your children. It comes with a round table and two chairs. On its table, kids could eat, do art and crafts, study and many more.

This set is made of wood materials and comes with a measurement of 17.3 inches high. Also, its screws attached on this set make its table and chairs very durable and sturdy. Moreover, its table has lots of spaces which comes in handy for storing your children’s toys.

7. KidKraft Heart Table and Chair Set

This set comes with two handy storage bins and has heart shaped holes which you daughters will surely love and appreciate. The furniture is made of sturdy wood which is perfect for your children’s activities such as coloring, painting, studying, making crafts and many more.

Furthermore, you will not have any headaches in keeping and clearing your children’s things as this set’s table comes with storage bins where you could keep any art materials and even toys.

The downsides, however, are it is difficult to assemble and set-up and its storage bins are a bit small.

8. Tot Tutors Kids Wood Table and Chairs Set

This set of table and chairs for kids is a great gift idea for children ages three years old and above. It is perfect for activities such as reading, writing, drawing and eating. It comes in vibrant colors of blue, green, yellow and red and is made of sturdy wood. It is easy to clean and assemble as well.

The Tot Tutors Table and Chair set could compliment any furniture and room. It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and it is a set that will surely give them a sense of independence and control.

9. Melissa and Doug Solid Wood Table and Chair Set

This set comes in three-piece furniture. It is a tool where your children could play and create creative stuff. It is easy to assemble and is made of solid wood. It is sturdy, durable and safe for your children. If you need additional chairs, this brand offers additional chair pieces separately.

This furniture is very versatile and allows its users to play with train sets, puzzles, blocks and games. It could also be used for crafts such as painting, coloring, drawing and many more.

Melissa and Doug Solid Wood Table and Chair Set comes with a measurement of 20 inches in height which is perfect for children with ages three to eight.

10. KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set

This furniture is made up of solid wood. It has a measurement of 19 inches in height which could accommodate kids with ages three to eight. It comes in pecan, espresso and natural wood color. This set is perfect for children to play games on, learn, read, do homework and do arts and crafts.

The downsides however are its wood could easily be damaged and it is a bit difficult to assemble and put together.

Benefits of a Play Table and Chair Set

When you have a play table and chair set at home, it could be used for hours and be used in different ways. It is a very good investment for your kids and here are the reasons why:

  1. It is lower to the ground- Unlike the normal tables and chairs that adults use, this set is much safer for your kids and makes the risk lower of your kids falling from a chair that is too big and too tall for them.
  2. Gain Independence – Your children could have their own space for their puzzles, reading books, doing artworks and more
  3. It is very versatile furniture
  4. Could be used indoors and some could be used outdoors as well.
  5. It gives them a place of their own
  6. It helps them prepare and adjust for preschool

How to Choose the Right Set

  1. Find a set that is easy to clean specially with children being messy, it would be convenient to be able to clean it without too much effort.
  2. Ensure it is easy to assemble.
  3. It is lightweight and easy to move from one place to another.
  4. Sturdy and Safe – of course for everything we buy for our children we want to ensure they are safe with and on it.
  5. Ensure that your child could sit on a regular chair already.

Safety Tips

  1. Placement – we recommend you place this set in a place that is safe for your kids. You would not want to place it near a stove, electrical outlets, lamps and the like. Remember, this is a place where your children will be doing their activities.
  2. Soft Surfaces – It is recommended to place this type of furniture on top of a soft surface like carpet. This way if your kid falls down, it would not cause any harm to your child.
  3. Avoid Heaters – this tip is similar to placement. It would be wise not to place this furniture near heaters, heating vents or radiators.
  4. Turn Off Electronics – this tip is for those whose attention is on gadgets and electronics. We recommend that you supervise your kids closely.
  5. Ground Rules – give do’s and don’ts to your children.
  6. Cover Outlets – Since we all know children are very curious by nature and loves to experiment, it is better to be safe than sorry, cover and keep your children away from those electrical outlets.

How to Take Care and Enhance Your Furniture

  1. Create and have a place for your children’s art materials – paintbrushes, pencils, crayons, etc.
  2. Install a bar that could house a large paper roll. This way it will not be too messy when your children start their art projects.
  3. You could hang bags that could serve as a storage for books and toys. This way the table will not have too much weight on it.
  4. Cover the table with contact paper.

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