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Top Bedroom Gadgets

The bedroom is an important place in the house, one that is decorated and designed to our liking so we are comfortable and happy here. Some people like it quaint and simple, others calm and peaceful, while others love to keep it modern and interesting. Gadgets can be used to achieved the make your bedroom right for you and here are some of the best.

The Bed

The bed may not be considered a gadget but is an important part of the room and can be combined with another essential bedroom feature, a TV. Having a TV is your room can be the ultimate relaxation tool, as you can watch your favourite shows and movies in the comfort of your bed. To guarantee the best experience, a TV bed is in order. Sometimes it can be tough to get your bed and television to align but with TV beds the work’s done for you. The TV is carefully hidden within a compartment and with one button press is ready for viewing, without you needing to get out of a snug spot.

The Lighting

The amount of light in a bedroom is an important feature we can often ignore. Having it well lit when we’re doing work, perfectly dark when sleeping, a calm dimness when taking it easy and more should be and can be obtained. A dimmer switch was the old answer to this but new gadgets allows for a modern improvement. A smart home Led light bulb is a great thing to have. Simply place it a light socket and have your wireless network set and you’re ready. The bulb can be customised and changed at a whim using the appropriate app on your smartphone. You can have the perfect lighting with a few presses of a button

The Temperature

Like the lighting, you can’t ignore the temperature. Obtaining the ideal warmth or coolness can be tough to attain but will increase the comfort you experience tenfold. You can make sure you are always the right degree with a gadget. Devices such as the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link allow you great control over things in your room. If you want to get all warm and cosy or you want to cool off after along day, then this device and the app on your phone ensures you can have this to a perfect level.

An Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning is a chore we all endure. We want to stay in our comfy beds but know it’s important that we get up and face the day. We will all use different methods to ensure this, whether it’s traditional alarm clock, an app on your phone, music, other people waking us up, having a pet do the work and so on. There is a wide range of alarm clocks you can but with different features and gimmicks but the Clocky Alarm clock is one worth investing in. Rather than only emitting noise to get you awake it will move around the bedroom meaning you have to get up and chase it down. This assures you’ll be out of bed and awake, just try not to damage it in a post waking haze.


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