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Top JoinPD Learning and Effective Tips for Making Your Presentations

Learning is a constant process which most individuals go through everyday. There are many ways, avenues and methods of which one could learn. Some even uses technology to guide and help them learn easier and more effective. In fact, one of the most popular ways to teach where many people learn is through Pear deck.

In this article, we shall feature and how you could join a presentation in progress in Pear Deck which is a freemium service. This means if you are on a tight budget, you would not need to worry as it is for free. Hence, teachers and schools could use this tool for free or if they wish they could also subscribe to a premium account.

What is the JoinPD?

JoinPD is a tool which allows you to give a presentation which could be used by schools, universities and colleges. This tool is more than a presentation tool as it allows you to ask questions and get answers real-time.

This tool is highly convenient especially with the changes in the education system and teaching methods due to the recent pandemic. This presentation tool is specifically designed for universities, schools, colleges and institutions.

Pear Deck: What is Peardeck Used For?

As mentioned earlier, Pear Deck is a tool which teachers could use to help them make their lessons more interesting. Through this tool, teachers could catch more attention from their students. Moreover, it could make remote learning more interactive.

What is Pear deck? – JoinPD Login

Pear Deck, as mentioned earlier, is a source of free service which teachers could use to be able to connect online with students for online classes. Through this freemium service, students could watch presentations as well. This type of tool is currently used by many teachers, schools and teachers in the US.

To be able to use the mentioned tool and put it in a category of student help on web, you would have to go to their official website, Through the use of Pear deck, students would be able to improve their skills, learn more about themselves and even get along with others.

How to Create a JoinPD Code?

  • Navigate to
  • Create an account if you do not have one
  • Click on “Make Presentation”
  • Click add-ons n the menu bar found on top part
  • Click “Get Add-ons”
  • On the search bar, type pear deck and enter
  • Install pear deck
  • Click free button and follow the instructions
  • Click add-ons
  • Select the one with the pear and open
  • Make your own presentation. You could use their template or use saree templates.
  • Click “Present with Pear Deck” when you are done creating your presentation
  • Once you get the five digit code, share it with your students or anyone who would like to be in the presentation.

How to Create a Login?

  • Go to
  • Select teacher login
  • Select the account you would wish to use
  • You would be able to access your presentation on Google Drive or OneDrive. You would need to answer some questions for you to be able to create and set up your account.
  • Connect Pear Deck to your Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Click “authorize”
  • Provide your email address and password to access your account
  • Type your school and postal code. If your school is not on the list or you do not have a US postal code, all you need to do is to type any 5 numbers for the zip code and your school’s name.
  • Open Google Slides or PowerPoint online presentation or Microsoft Office 365 presentation to get Pear Deck add-on or add-on.

How to Join in

There are two ways to join pear deck and they are through:

Joining Link

Teachers and students could share the link on Google Classroom. For you to be able to join, all you need to do is to click on the link which says “join”.

Joining Code

For your students to be able to join your presentation, you will have to share a 5 digit code which you would get when you create your presentation.

How to Install Peardeck App?

  • Follow steps to ensure that all teachers on Google domain has Google Pear Deck Extension Slides are installed.
  • Open Google Admin Console
  • Choose Application
  • Select apps from Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Choose Add an application to the domain list
  • Search and select Google Slide Extension Decor from Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Choose enter the domain
  • Follow detailed instructions for installing domain
  • Provide Google Slide Extension Deck permission to access data
  • Go back to Google Market Manager page
  • Click on refresh button
  • Open the Pear Deck sidebar
  • Open the presentation
  • Go to Add-ons
  • Go to Pear area
  • Open Add-on
  • Press Add
  • Keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours for your Google Slides to show up
  • Turn Pear Deck on the G suite market
  • Install Pear Deck extension

How to JoinPD Using Email/Anonymously?

  • Click sign up for online classes at Pear Deck through email
  • If teacher would want for the student to join a Pear Deck session without giving names, the teach would have to allow it through its settings.
  • Once the teacher has allowed this settings, student would be able to join the class anonymously.

How to Login to JoinPD as a Student?

  • Go to
  • Click login with Gmail or Microsoft
  • Link your account to Google Drive or OneDrive
  • Join the presentation
  • Enter the join code

How to Create a PearDeck Account as a Teacher?

  • Click the Teacher login on the homepage of website
  • Select your login role – Use Google to sign in or use Microsoft to sign in
  • Select which role you would wish to use – as teacher or as a student
  • You could also sign up as a District Administrator, Technology Administrator, Librarian and many more.
  • Enter the postal code of your school and school name

JoinPD Peardeck Login for Teacher and Student

  • Go to’s official website –
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter your email address or password
  • Click submit

How does JoinPD Work?

  • Teacher could create a presentation
  • Import to JoinPD
  • The teacher must provide access code
  • Students have to enter the access code to join the presentation

What are the Characteristics of JoinPD?

Content Availability

Teachers could create presentations and even add videos for their students. Through this tool, teachers could build up a lesson and have new topics to teach their students.

Helping Videos

This tool is very easy to use. It could work on any app or website. It has a guide which teaches how each and every feature works. It has a lot of videos which comes with tips for teachers such as how to set up an account, how to add questions to an existing presentation and how to use slide library and many more.


What is great about this tool is that it provides training session for new and experienced teachers. There are several webinars provided. Here are some of the sessions:

  • Google Slides sped up Pear Deck
  • Pear Deck as an add-on for Google Slides
  • Training for beginners and advanced users

Active Learning

Pear deck believes in active learning which means learning is through participative type of learning.


We hope that through this article, you were able to learn more about joinpd and Pear Deck.

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