Best Toys for 9-Year-Old Girls

Buying gifts is always a challenging task especially if the person you are giving a gift to is someone’s personality and interests are just starting to develop. These are usually at the age of nine years old. An age when the child is in between childhood and close to tweenhood and you would not want to buy gifts that would look too childish that she will dismiss it or a gift that would not be appropriate for her age like jewelry, etc.

Best Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls

1. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is similar to a clipboard. It has about 100 sheets of traceable images that could be lighten up and traced and colored. This set includes the following:

  • Graphite pencil
  • 12 tracing sheets
  • 12 colored pencils
  • 10 blank sheets
  • traceable images

This art set is best for solo artists. The LED light of this product will not need to be replaced but it would need batteries to operate. The traceable images that come with this art set could be used repeatedly and could be switched with other printed images.

2. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

A scooter for an active and sporty 9-year-old type. Its handles are adjustable according to the height of the user. If it is not in use, you could just fold it up and store. This scooter is a bit huge and comes with urethane wheels which cracks on the floor have no say. The A5 Lux is perfectly made for tall riders which means even adults could use this. The maximum weight this toy could accommodate is 220 pounds.

This toy could be played with friends as well.

3. Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon

One of the cheapest yet we could assure you it is something a nine-year-old will appreciate and enjoy. Alex is a tool to color the stands of your nine-year old’s hair. The color could last for a few days. The colors are washable and could be simply removed with shampoo.

Alex Spa Hair Chalk includes the following colors:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange

This gift could be used solo and with friends.

4. Darice 1103-10 131-Piece Art Set

If your child is interested in art, the Darice 1103-10 131 Piece Art Set is a perfect gift and it will be much appreciated. It comes with the following:

  • 36 markers
  • 24 colored pencils
  • 24 oil pastels
  • 24 crayons
  • 12 watercolor cakes
  • palette
  • paintbrush
  • sharpener
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • stapler
  • glue
  • ruler
  • scissors

All these materials could be stored in a wooden case which is included in this product. This gift could be enjoyed solo and with other artist friends as well.

5. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

This gift idea is perfect for girls who love jewelry and tiny trinkets. The ballerina inside the jewelry box dances to a song of swan lake. The color of this product is pink and comes with multiple drawers and pictures/paintings of ballerinas.

Aside from ballerinas, they also come in other options such as a heart-shaped box, unicorns, etc.

6. Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Set

Another product for art lovers, the Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Set comes with materials you could use to make wearable charms. It has numerous themes you could use – sweet threats, beach, good eats, and animals. The set has about 9 clay colors. It also includes a 60-page instructional manual.

This product could be used solo and with friends as well. This product has won the Family Fun Toy Award.

7. The Sleepover Party Game

This toy is created to facilitate fun, free conversation and activities. It comes with 200 cards and each card has a question or an activity like dancing, acting, etc. This game will surely bring lots of laughter, imagination, bonding sessions not only with friends but also with the family.

This game is best played with at least three players but it will surely be fun if this is played by a bunch or by a group.

8. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

The Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is one of the most educational toys in this list. It teaches your children science and botany. It is a steam toy with chia and wheat grass seeds that will start to grow in three days. This kit comes with everything that you will need to grow plants.

This product is more for a solo activity but of course, no one will stop you from showing your work off.

9. Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe

The Kids Day at Spa Deluxe Gift Set includes about 30 items and an inflatable pedicure pool, nail dryer, glitter polish, 4 nail polish bottles, sticker nail art, stick-on nails, etc.

This gift is great for self-pampering and at the same time, this could be used for group bonding.

10. SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

This toy is from STEAM like Glow ‘n Grow Terrarium, all-natural lip balm boutique allows its users to explore and experiment. Girls could make their own lip balms from scratch with ingredients that are safe and natural.

This gift suggestion could be used for solo activity but could be made as a gift for others.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing gifts for children are difficult and challenging. There is a lot to consider because of their young age and vulnerability to things as they are at a stage of growing up and developing their personalities, emotions, values and learning abilities.

One factor you will need to consider is if the gift that you are planning to buy is appropriate for the age of the person you are going to give the gift to. For children, age recommendation is usually placed on the product itself. This is a great help in choosing but aside from age you will also have to consider the type of activities, interests, likes, price, durability, and safety. If you will not take these into consideration, you might end up purchasing something that will not be appreciated and your money will just be put to waste. For example, if your 9-year-old girl is more into sports, she would not like to receive a girly girl gift like hair chalks or jewelry.

For better understanding, here are some factors you will need to consider

1. The value of the toy

The gifts that were featured here in this article cost about $8 to $35 which is very good in terms of budget. However, not all products last long. Example, hair chalks, and lip balm boutique could be used for a limited time only. Also, depending on the kit, the child might lose interest as soon as it runs out of materials.

It is suggested that if you will give gifts with supplies, give something that would benefit the child longer or you could include extra materials. Another thing is you will have to look into the value that the gift will give to the child. Will it provide more knowledge, will her skills improve, will her values develop, etc.?

2. Is the toy for solo or group activity?

Depending on the child’s interest and personality, other children might prefer to play alone or do activities alone and some would like to play and share with others. Before purchasing a gift, you will need to check what type of kid she is. This way she will love and appreciate your gift.

3. The durability of the toy

This factor is somewhat related to the value of the toy. Like though the hair chalk is only $8, its effect could only last for quite some time. The Enchantmints Ballerina, however, is $27 but it is made of solid wood and could last longer if not a lifetime.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

If you wish to give value to the child you are giving a gift to, Creativity 4 Kids Glow ‘n Grow Terrarium and the SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique are great and amazing to foster

and inculcate learning. Other educational and empowering gifts are Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad, Darice 1103-10-131 Piece Art Set and Klutz Make Clay Crafts set. These type of gifts hone creativity and develops imagination. If the child is more on the outdoor type, a scooter and spa set would be perfect for them.

All of these toys that have made up our list have passed safety standards, easy to set up and are made up of non-toxic materials. The only product that would need adult supervision is the Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kit as this product would need to be baked in an oven.


To get more gift ideas for children, it is highly recommended to visit websites of the Family Fun Toy of the Year Award or Parents’ Choice Award. These Award Winning Bodies usually suggest the current toys that both parents and kids love and approve of.

Did you know?

Did you know that Creativity 4 Kids company- maker and creator of Glow ‘n Grow Terrarium and Spa Deluxe Gift Set and SmartLab Toys-maker of Lip Balm Boutique have dozens of other products that inculcate learning and develop skills and at the same time are made fun and exciting for children? So if you wish to give educational gifts, you could check Creativity 4 Kids and SmartLab Toys.

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