Welt Smart Belt Tells You When You Start Getting Fat

Maintaining a healthy weight has become something very crucial these days. Belts can be an indicator of weight gain, especially when you shift to the next notch. However, most people tend to ignore this, though if there were a more high-tech way for a belt to tell you that you are gaining weight you would probably take it seriously. Welt, a Samsung spin-off healthcare tech company, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a smart belt of the same name that will tell you if you are gaining weight. Samsung unveiled the Welt in January as a prototype, though this time, it was unclear if the idea would make it beyond prototyping.

Welt has a magnetic sensor in the buckle that tracks circumference from small to extra large (28 to 44 inches). A person’s natural waist is above his/her belly button –higher than most people wear pants. The belt measure somewhere between the waist and the hips: gut area. The belts syncs through Bluetooth 4.1 to an iOS or Android device, the Welt companion app then presents the information to the wearer. Rather than bombarding the wearer with all nitty-gritty detail, the app combines the waist size, hours spent sitting and steps taken into a color-coded score that it displays on a daily, weekly, or monthly graph.

No matter what you wear, the belt record rapid variations in waist size, which expands and contracts based on calories intake. The wearer will always be notified when they are gaining weight, and they can take appropriate steps. Users also have the option of setting personalized steps, activity, and weight goals. With a single micro USB charge, the belt can run for about 20 days.

Welt’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its $30,000 goal. Super early-bird reward for the campaign has already sold out though buyers can pre-order the casual model for $99. Once that dries up there is the $199 Kickstarter special price. Welt’s Kickstarter campaign is open for another 29 days. The belts will start shipping in January.

Featured Image Credit:newatlas

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