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Back in the old days when gadgets and devices have not yet conquered our daily lives, meeting new people had been done through the introduction of friends of other friends or through organizations, institutions, school, work or family. However, today, meeting new people has evolved into many other ways and methods. One of those ways is through meeting at the so-called virtual world wherein you could communicate and meet new friends through chatting.

A place to meet and chat with these new friends and acquaintances is through a place called chat messenger apps and fortunately there are numerous chatting apps where you could just download on your Android devices and start chatting anytime and anywhere you are. One application that we could recommend is the Camsurf. Camsurf is a one of a kind chat messenger application where you could find new friends, date or just for the sake of fun. This chat messenger also comes with other amazing features such as video calling or video chatting feature.

Camsurf has quite number of users from about one hundred countries around the world. If you wish to chat with members from a certain country, you may be able to do so as this app allows its users to select their preferred country to meet their new friends, etc.

We could go on and on with all the advantages and benefits you could get in using Camsurf, however, we know that this app also has its downsides or could be short-packed in some aspects. We will not elaborate on that any further but rather we would give you other options which you could try should Camsurf’s downsides affect your taste and needs.

Alternative Chat Messengers Similar to Camsurf

1. Stranger Chat

Stranger Chat also known as Anonymous chat is one of the best chatting app where you could meet others for free. Through this app one could communicate with random people and make new friends while staying anonymous all the time.

Stranger Chat does not require its users to create an account to start using this app. All you have to do is start connecting with its other users through the apps features such as text messages, voice messages and video messages as well.

2. RandoChat

RandoChat is not only a chatting application but also a calling app where its users could chat and talk to any new friend they meet online. The app is a text-based chat which provides its users an enjoyable experience. This app includes numerous chat rooms where you could meet different users and have conversation with them.

3. Look2cam

This app is known as a video chatting app where you could find “rooms” and find new friends. This app comes in both web based and app based. Look2cam’s interface looks much like Facebook Messenger which means anyone familiar with FB messenger will not have any difficulties in using this app.

Look3cam is also one of the fastest growing apps and is continuing to gain millions of active users which means, you will get to meet more new people.

4. Chatous

Chatous is a very popular brand name in the industry of social networking and communication app. This app comes not only with chatting feature but also with text feature that could be used and is available to all leading smartphones. Chatous also offers video chatting to its users as well.

5. Random Talk

Random talk is an app where you could stay connected with someone while staying anonymous. Which means, you could explore and meet as many as you want without divulging any sensitive information about yourself. This app certainly gives you the chance to be comfortable with others and not worry about safety.

6. Holla

Holla is a very classy app where you could do voice and video chats. Through this app, you will have the chance to match with people that has the same interest as yours as this app comes with artificial people algorithm system. You might not just know; you might meet your special someone in this app. Have a read about apps like holla.

7. Anonymous Chat

Anonymous chat as what its name states, is for those who would like to chat and get not known by others of who they are. This chatting platform provides privacy and secured environment for its members. Through this app members and users could hold a discussion with people they do not know and yet are kept safe as you will be seen as someone anonymous.

8. Omegle

Omegle lets one meet someone by giving them a chance to talk to each other and build a foundation of friendship. It allows its users to choose the language they are comfortable chatting with. This app is considered as one of the most powerful tools to meet new friends as long as you don’t get banned.

9. Hello Chat

Hello chat is a platform where you could randomly chat with strangers located nearby you. Through this app, you could meet a lot of people who has the same hobbies, interests and thinking style as you have.

10. StrangerMeetup

This app offers free service and comes with anonymous features which means even your chatting friend or partner will not know the real you but what’s more amazing with this app is that you get to know a lot of other people from all over the world.

11. Azar

This app is a known social networking application which brings its users connected with real people all over the world. It ensures that there are no fake nor fictitious system involve in this app. Furthermore, this app has a registration process which filters its users and fake accounts.

12. ChatNOW

ChatNOW is another communication app for those who want to meet other people from other countries. This app comes with a feature that lets you get to chat randomly with unfamiliar people and allows you to exchange ideas, talk without any hesitation and enjoy the leisure of talking to them in a fun manner. Through this app, you have the choice to share pictures and also get to block people who you would not like to talk to again.

13. Stranger Chat

What is more exciting than to meet and talk to new people without having to share your personal details? Stranger Chat is another communication platform which makes you anonymous to your chat friends and yet allows you to be able to get entertained through chatting with them for fun. This app is one of the best apps where you could make new friends and have the comfort of security and privacy.

14. Wakie

Wakie is another voice communication application that allows you to chat with people you do not know. It’s style of communication is very different and unique which makes this app very thrilling to use. This app allows its users to create topics and organize discussions which could be joined by another individual. If you get bored and you wish to exercise your mind with trivial topics of interest, this app is perfect tool for you to meet someone who has the same interests.


Chat messenger applications are perfect tools to meet strangers and make new friends. Through this article and the list we featured, we hope you will be able to meet someone who will catch your interest and gain more new friends.

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