Asus ZenFone to be equipped with processor other then intal

Asus ZenFones are known for their Intel based SoC’s but looks like that is going to change soon. The CEO of ASUS named Jerry Shen recently announced some more details regarding the new ZenFone that the company is going to launch at CES 2015 in early January. Jerry Shen said that Intel is not going to be the only SoC to power the new ZenFone, though the models that are going to be showcased at CES next year are going to be powered by Intel SoC’s.

There has also been reports regarding Asus that the company will launch an Asus ZenFone smartphone that won’t be powered by Intel and the company is going to launch it in January in China. Jerry Shen also said that the new Intel powered ZenFone’s will also have LTE connectivity and would be priced around $300. As for the ZenFone smartphone that is not going to be powered by Intel their prices should be around $150 and since it is said to be launched in China the company might go with MediaTek SoC.

Asus is also planning to ship 8 million Asus ZenFones this year and around 16 million next year. Asus will also be targeting around 20 markets which is around 14 this year though the focus would be more on China and Japan. This means that a lot of people would have access to the new ZenFone.

Asus ZenFone offers an Intel SoC which comes with good performance under and affordable price tag that made the smartphone a hit for Asus and the company knows it’s going to get the same response with their new Asus ZenFone to launch soon in the emerging markets.

Do you own an Asus ZenFone if yes then what’s different about the smartphone that you like so much?

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