Best 2-Pin IEM Cables for Your In-ear Monitors

Those who own IEM cables for their in-ear monitors often have 1 pin rather than 2 pin cable. The reason behind this is because users tend to have love-hate relationship with 2 them. Though this is the case, 2-Pin IEM cables produce great audio. The only downside of these 2 Pin IEM cables is that it could easily get lost. Moreover they are also limited in terms of connectivity.

In this article, we shall provide you a list of best 2-Pin IEM cables for your In-ear monitors.

What to look for in a 2 Pin IEM Cable?

  • Decent copper core or silver plated option
  • Multi-threaded braided cable
  • Has a Bluetooth option
  • Inline controls
  • OFC/OCC cable for maximum oxygen-free sound transference

What Brands are Best?

  • Linsoul including KZ and Tripowin
  • Hidizs
  • Suspirit
  • Moon Audio – silver dragon cable

Additional Considerations

When choosing 2-Pin IEM cables, you will need to consider different factors to ensure you get your money’s worth. In fact, if you are in the music industry, you would have to consider the length of your cable. If you commute a lot, then, you would want to have extra length. However, if you are into sports, then, you will have to get one with shorter length. This way it could reduce the feeling of the weight while you run.

Best 2-Pin Cables

Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 2 PIN IEM Cable – Silver Plated

This 2-Pin IEM cable comes with a cable length of 1.25m and its wire is silver plated copper cable. It is affordable with its price lower than $20. Though this cable comes with a cheaper price, you would be surprised to learn that it is considered as high and great quality.

Why Choose Linsoul Tripowin 2 PIN IEM Cable?

If you are looking for an affordable 2-pin cable for you to be able to replace your old cable, the Linsoul Tripowin 2 Pin IEM cable is a perfect option. It is a good upgrade as well as a perfect spare cable especially for musicians.

The only downside of this cable is that it does not much suit pure audiophiles but with its price, this cable is worth trying.


  • Ekonomik
  • Silver-plated copper
  • Fits all standard 2 pin IEM
  • 16 braided core

Westone Epic Twisted 2 Pin Cable

This cable comes with a length of 1.3m or 52 inches. It is made of silver plated copper and what is more amazing about this cable is that it is a product of Westone which is a brand that is trusted by many. In fact, they have been in the hearing protection/aid industry for a very long time. This means they have extensive knowledge in terms of audio related things.

Through the Westone Epic Twisted 2 Pin cable, you will have enough room for movement with its longer length. In fact, this cable is perfect for onstage type of activities.

This cable is offered in three different designs/colors – clear, black and beige. It is very flexible and at the same time durable.

Why Choose Westone Epic Twisted 2 Pin Earphone Cable?

Westone, as mentioned earlier is a reliable, well-known and trusted brand in the US. Their products are surely made in high quality materials and have been designed impressively which makes their 2 Pin earphone cable worth investing on.


  • Good quality cable
  • Solid brand
  • Available in 52″ and 64″ lengths
  • Right angle 3.5mm jack plug
  • Available in different colors


  • Its copper material could discolor over time


This cable comes with 1.2m (47 inches) length and it is made of silver plated copper (SPC). It is affordable and it, in fact, is a huge competitor of Linsoul. The cable itself comes with 8 cores in braided configuration wherein each core comes with 19 strands of SPC inside. Moreover, this cable comes with 2.5mm plug jack (TRS) and it also has a mmcx version as well. The only downside of this cable is that it is not a memory wire.

Why Choose the KINBOOFI KBEAR 8 Core 2 PIN IEM Cable?

One reason why you should use this cable is because of its silver finish which makes this cable look aesthetically good.


  • Looks great
  • Fits standard 2 pin IEMs
  • 8 braided core with silver plated copper wire

Tripowin Zonie C8 2 PIN IEM Cable

This cable comes with a length of 1.2m. It is made of silver plated copper (SPC). This cable is actually distributed by Linsoul which makes it amazing. Keep in mind, however, though this cable is under the brand, Linsoul, it is much more expensive. This cable is durable and it provides great sound currents.

Why Choose Tripowin C8 2 PIN IEM Cable?

This cable is durable and could handle on-stage activities.


  • 8 braided core
  • Silver-plated copper
  • Tinsel wrapped kevlar core
  • Fits all standard 2 pin IEMs

Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 Pin IEM Headphone Cable

This cable comes with 48″ to 64″ length and its cable wire is UP-OCC. It is available in two colors – silver model and gold model. It has 8 core UP-OCC cable which is oxygen-free which makes it smooth and makes sound transfer more efficient.

Why Choose Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM Earphone Cable?

This cable is considered as premium. It comes with amazing custom features which makes it a perfect option for audiophile.


  • 8 core cable
  • UP-OCC cable 99+%
  • Custom options for jack plugs
  • Kevlar reinforced


  • A bit expensive

KZ 2-Pin Bluetooth IEM Cable with APTX-HD

This cable uses bluetooth and has APTX-HD. It is affordable and it works impressively which is definitely worth your money. It has APTX-HD which is perfect for Android users. Its Bluetooth is 5.0 which comes from Qualcomm CSE8675 Bluetooth chip. As for its battery, it could last up to a maximum of 8 hours.

Why Choose KZ 2-Pin Bluetooth IEM Cable?

It is affordable and at the same time functional. It is packed with a lot of features as well. It provides clear audio which makes it a great option.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Ekonomik

Linsoul TRN BT20S Bluetooth 5.0 2 Pin IEM Cable with Apt-x

This cable works on Bluetooth and it comes with APT-X/Aptx and AAC. It is great with its water-resistant casing and its battery life could last up to a maximum of 8 hours.

Why Choose Linsoul TRN BT20s Bluetooth 2 Pin IEM Cable?

It is water resistant which is perfect for those who loves doing sports. It is also perfect for singers who perform live.


  • Apt-x/AAC
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8 Hour Battery
  • Great sound


  • Hit and miss quality control


We hope that through this article, you were able to get useful information which you could use in choosing the best 2-pin iem cable which would suit your preferences and needs perfectly.

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