Best City Building games for iOS

Building your own city from scratch is not something that you can do on a daily basis, unless you play one of the games in our list. These games allow you to build and maintain a city, while making sure that the needs of the population are met. You will also need to work to ensure that the city is safe and sustainable and that you make the right decisions to ensure that it keeps evolving. There is a good selection of city building games available, including titles that have become classics. There are options for multiple platforms, but we will focus on the best city building games for iOS.

Forge of Empires

InnoGames allows players to get back in time to start a civilization and see it evolve through thousands of years. The purpose of the game is to pass many levels and historic periods, creating ground-breaking solutions, making discoveries that will make a huge difference in society, finding new lands and exploring innovative technologies. You will need to make smart decisions and find the best way to take advantage of the circumstances to build a powerful empire. Once you get into the world of Forge of Empires, you won’t want to stop playing.

SimCity Buildit

The popular city building game is available for iOS and it is based on the concept of the original one, but adds new elements that take it to another level. It is visually appealing and highly entertaining. The game features 3D-quality graphics and it allows you to put your strategic skills to the test. You will need to build your city, create and manage resources and look after your citizens. With the “Future Cities” feature, you will be able to build and explore ultramodern cities with the most advanced technology. You can also take part in the Contest of Mayors to compete against other SimCity players.


Life in a hectic, large city can be overwhelming and while you can find everything you can imagine in a metropolis, not all the things you come across will be good. It is easy to fell lost in a big city with millions of people, but you can experience what is like to live in a major city, without having to deal with the negative aspects. Just download Megapolis and discover the fun side of a large city. You can overcome the challenges to build your own city from the ground, paying attention to all the essential parts to ensure its sustainability. In Megapolis, you have control over the facilities and infrastructure of your city and can establish alliances with other cities, for the benefit of your own. The graphics are remarkable and the game is highly addictive.


City building games are not always about building a giant city and rising to power. Township by Playrix Games gives you the possibility of taking things easy and enjoying the simplicity and peacefulness of the countryside. You can build and look after a small town, taking part of every stage of the process to grow the crops, implement and improve the facilities and trade goods. In Township you also have to take care of animals, find exotic species for the zoo and venture to the mines, where you can find precious metals and highly valuable ancient artifacts. You can also set up community buildings to get the twonspeople together and ensure that they enjoy their spare time. As you advance in the development of the town, you can get more items.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

After more than 2 decades on air, The Simpsons is still one of the most popular TV shows in the planet. Thanks to The Simpsons: Tapped Out, you can build your own version of the crazy and beloved city of Springfield. You will have freedom to rule the city in the way you prefer, giving priority to your favorite characters, making changes in the city and customizing the outfits and style of the characters. You can also decide what happens to them and enjoy alternative storylines that are only possible within the game.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Like The Simpsons, Family Guy has been entertaining audiences around the world for many years. The Griffin clan and all the wild characters living in Quahog appear in this game in which the player has to rebuild Quahog after Peter and the giant Chicken destroyed in one of their epic battles. You can bring a new life to the town, designing it in the way you like and ensuring that it is protected from the giant chickens and other evil threats. You can also take control over your favorite characters and start a thrilling journey to discover new things. There are many tasks to complete and many great decorations for the town, as well as customized looks for the characters. The game also features unique animations and hilarious storylines.

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