Android için En İyi Slayt Gösterisi Uygulamaları

Slideshows make presentations more engaging and thanks to the variety of resources available to create them, we can discuss ideas in a clear way. Apart from allowing you to create effective presentations, slides can be used to show your photos to family and friends or for special events. The first step to ensure that you can create a slideshow that makes a great impact is to use high quality software. Here you will find a list of the slideshow apps that will help you to share your ideas with others in an effective way.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the leading solution when it comes to create a presentation that captures your audience’s attention and that includes all the relevant information. You can create any type of presentation with slides that feature photos, links, graphs and much more. PowerPoint is known for offering an array of features that will suit different needs and the mobile app allows you to enjoy its powerful performance anywhere you are. It offers the same interface as the desktop software, but it has been optimized for mobile devices to provide a great user experience.

Google Slides

Google Slides offers a similar functionality as PowerPoint as it enables you to create professional presentations that can be edited based on your needs. You can also collaborate with colleagues to enhance the presentations from your smartphone or tablet. It is possible to edit presentations that were created online or on a different device. You can even access and make changes on PowerPoint presentations. Google Slides is an excellent choice for presentations thanks to its sharing capabilities and the fact that everything is saved automatically.


Pixgram gives you all the necessary tools to create slideshows that really reflect your personality. You can create unique video and photo slideshows with music in just a few steps. Once you select the video or photos, you can choose the effects and music that you want to add and within a few minutes you will have a slideshow that brings together your favorite images. You can mix photos and videos and the app is very easy to use so anyone can edit video slideshows without issues. It is ideal for creating family memories or for creative projects.

Slideshow Maker

Simple and efficient, Slideshow Maker allows you to use your photos to create great looking slideshows. You can upload photos from different sources and put them together in a video slideshow that will capture your audience. The app offers many customization options that will allow you to add your own style to the slideshow. It is possible to use an unlimited number of photos from your gallery, from the web or from the camera. You can play your video instantly and select from a variety of video styles and frames. Slideshow Maker also offers stickers.

Picture Slide Show – CameraAce

This is another practical app to create memorable slideshows that feature music and that can be shared with friends and family on Facebook and more. It offers photo organization, photo editing, sharing capabilities and other options that will allow you to bring your photo slideshows to a new level. This app features over 30 different photo filters and a variety of show effects that give you versatility to create and display the slideshow in your own way. It is also possible to draw on your photos, which adds fun to the app and you can choose from 15 tunes to make your slideshow even more lively.

Free Slideshow Maker

Like the other apps in the list, this slideshow maker by FunMedia Studio is free and it offers you the chance to create amazing video slideshows using your photos in just one minute. You can add photos within seconds and rotate them according to your taste. It is very easy to use and you can arrange photos with simple gestures like touch and drag. You can also adjust the display duration of each image and add the music you prefer. Your creations can be shared via Facebook or YouTube.

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