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Although the Windows Camera app is a practical solution that allows you to take photos and capture videos using your webcam, its functionality is limited and may not be enough for people who want more options such as special effects and filters. If you are looking for a solution that supports advanced features, it is advisable to get a dedicated webcam software that lets you take unique selfies and even use your webcam for surveillance purposes. In this list of the best camera software, you will find options that offer editing functionality, as well as solutions that are focused on productivity.


This free webcam software supports a wide range of features that are helpful for different purposes. You can add effects to your videos and SplitCam can also be used as a video streaming solution. Thanks to the support for multiple video resolutions, you can select the optimal resolution and advance with that in a seamless way. In terms of features, SplitCam offers a good selection including effects and a video splitting option that allows you to use your webcam in multiple tools at the same time. SplitCam also features realistic 3D masks, the possibility of choosing input from a variety of streaming sources, integration with streaming services and more. It is a convenient solution that offers many possibilities and considering that is free, it is one of the best solutions out there.


iGlasses a simple webcam software that is available for Mac only. It is designed to allow users to add fantastic visual effects, as well as fine-tuning photographs that can be taken using your webcam. Although there is a free trial available, you sill eventually need to upgrade to the premium version to get support and lifetime updates. iGlasses is an affordable solution with a user-friendly interface that allows you to view, edit and manage your photos without hassle. While it is limited in features when compared to other options available, iGlasses supports integration with Skype, Facebook and more, giving you the possibility of enhancing your chats. You can bring color correction and add fund effects without losing the quality of the output.

CyberLink YouCam 7

This is a versatile software that allows you to capture videos and images, add special effects and even use your camera for surveillance. It comes supported by the quality of CyberLink and there are two options available: Deluxe and Standard. The Deluxe version is more expensive but it is the right choice if you want to enjoy features like dual camera support and beautification functions. With CyberLink YouCam, it is possible to make your chats and photos truly amusing with the help of effects, screens and a great selection of filters, gadgets and emoticons. The advanced functionality also includes a comprehensive workspace for photo editing. The Surveillance mode allows you to monitor your kids or keep an eye on your home when you are not there.


This freemium webcam software focuses on live webcam studio and webcam effects. If you want to add fun to your Skype calls, ManyCam is a perfect solution. The free version lets you enjoy unique chats making your webcam more flexible, but if you want advanced functionality, it is advisable to upgrade to ManyCam Pro or ManyCam Enterprise, which support amazing features for IP camera streaming, as well as the possibility to enjoy great transition effects and filters. Although it is not as feature-rich as CyberLink YouCam, ManyCam has useful features such as YouTube integration, which is ideal for video content creators. You can also take advantage of the customization options, the possibility to get input for multiple sources and screen-cast.


This is another free solution that lets you take photos and capture videos with your webcam. It offers several features that will help you to get the most out of your webcam. Yawcam supports video streaming and you can take multiple snapshots in just a few seconds. The motion detection feature is practical when you are using Yawcam for surveillance purposes and to take photos at a specific time. Although Yawcam is a feature-rich solution, its interface is fairly simple. This may be an advantage for users who want a webcam software that is easy to use and that focuses on productivity. It is available for Windows.

Debut Video Capture Software

While Debut is not exactly a webcam software, this screen capture solution offers a great deal of customization settings that will allow you to modify your webcam’s output. There is a free version available, as well as a Pro version with additional features. If you are looking for a multipurpose screen recording software, Debut Video Capture software is a good choice. You can capture videos in multiple formats such as MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV and FLV. Additionally, the tool provides the chance to capture video from multiple devices including IP webcams. When you record, you can have some features like zoom-to-mouse and mouse highlighting. With Debut Video Capture Software, you can also add captions, which is convenient when you are creating video tutorials.

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