Dechoker vs Lifevac: Which Is Better?

Children have a high risk of choking not only on food but also on small things and when this happens, we tend to panic. We would definitely want someone professional close to ensure that your child would be okay. However, if there is no professional around and no one knows what to do, you would definitely want to bring your child to a hospital. Unfortunately, doing this takes time and it could make the situation worse. Hence, if you have a child at home, you have to ensure that you have an anti-choking device like the Dechoker or Lifevac included in your first aid kit.

As mentioned earlier, Dechoker is an anti-choking device which uses suction to clear airways. For it to work, all you need to do is to pull the handle which creates pressure which would then pull out any obstruction. The Decholder is light which means it is very portable and could be brought anywhere.

Lifevac, on the other hand comes with an easy-grip handle which creates suction. It is made of plastic and it is also highly portable.

Dechocker vs. Lifevac Comparison Chart

Weight0.6 pounds1.01 pounds
ShapeCylindrical Looks like an Accordion
UsageOne timeOne Time
TrainingAvailable on official websiteAvailable on official website
Lifespan27 months on the shelfUnlimited

Dechoker vs Lifevac: Differences

Both the Dechocker and Lifevac are anti-choking devices which are used to ensure airways or someone chocking are cleared. Their functionality is the only similarity between these two devices and they are very different in other factors such as shapes, weights, prices, lifetime and usage.

Different Sizes and Shapes

One of the main differences between Dechocker and Lifevac is their shape. Though that is the case, both the Dechocker and Lifevac use valves and masks to ensure air comes in.

The Dechoker comes with a huge syringe type shaped tube and it offers three different sizes for toddler, children and adults.

Lifevac on the other hand could be used on all family members. However, you will need to purchase masks that would be a perfect fit for the children and for the adults. It does not have any tube which makes it different from the Dechoker. This ensures that it will not have any threats of the objects to go down into the throat.


Another important factor that you must consider is weight especially when these devices are used for emergency purposes. You would definitely want to be ab;e to bring them wherever you go with your child.

The weight of Dechoker is only 0.6 pounds and the Lifevac on the other hand is twice as heavy as the Dechoker’s weight which is 1.01 pounds.


Another very important thing when handling an anti-choking device is training. The person using it must know how to use it properly. Both the Dechoker and the Lifevac have training instruction found on their official websites.

Life-Saving Stories

You would be able to see inspirational true life-saving stories on both of the Dechocker and Lifevac’s official websites. In fact, as of last year, there are about 274 lives that have been saved through the use of Dechoker. Lifevac on the other hand has saved about 303 lives.

Easily Accessible

Dechoker has a metal container which holds the device safely and securely. It could be mounted on the wall which makes it highly accessible during emergencies. Lifevac on the other hand cannot be mounted on a wall. However, it comes with a travel kit with safe plastic zipper bag.


Dechoker is cheaper compared to Lifevac. Dechoker comes with a price of $39.95 after discount while the Lifevac is priced at $69.95 which comes with a travel kit.

What Is Dechoker?

Dechoker is an anti-choking device which could be used to clear blocked airways. It could be used on anyone who is at least 12 months of age. This device could be used on children or adults who are choking on food or on anything. It could be used regardless of any health conditions or illness.

The Dechoker could be used on infants, children or adults. Ensure that the minimum age that this device could be used on is 12 months or 1 year old.

Key Features of Dechoker

This anti-choking device comes with a large syringe tube shape. It has a pipe which would go into the victim’s airway. It has several main parts which are respiratory mask, tongue depressor, backflow release valve and pull handle.

Detailed instruction could be found on its site and there is a quick instruction on how to use it on its reference guide. This anti-choking device comes in three sizes – for toddlers which is for one year to three years old, children for 3 years old to 12 years old and adults for 12 years old and above.

Who Could Use It?

The Dechoker is designed to fit individuals of all ages. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this anti-choking device could be used on infants with minimum age of 12 months. It comes in three sizes which could be used for toddlers, children and adults. This device could be used on emergencies regardless of other health conditions.

How Does Dechoker Work?

Through suction, Dechoker could take out the thing or food that is causing blockage of the airways. It comes with a mask which is put on the victim’s mouth, and a tube which is inserted into the throat. Keep in mind that you will have to ensure that there is a seal created between the mask and victim’s mouth. This way there would be no air that would be leaking. Pull the plunger which would suck anything that blocks the airway.

This device is safe and though you would need to insert a tube into the throat, it is not uncomfortable and it is not painful. When using this, you have to ensure that the individual is conscious.

What is Lifevac?

Lifevac, like Dechoker is an anti-choker device. It is used for clearing blocked airway of anyone choking. It is recommended to include it in first aid kits. It uses manual suction and what is more amazing about this device is that it does not need any electricity to work. It is portable and could be brought anywhere. It could also be used on children and adults. Its suction is at 30 mmHg which makes it perfect for all ages.

Key Features of LifeVac

The LifeVac is actually patented as a first aid anti-choking device for both children and adults. It is a one way valve which prevents any object from going downward further. Its suction feature allows you to pull any object which would free the airway. It is very portable which makes it easy to bring anywhere.

The Lifevac is shaped as a small accordion. It does not use any pipes and it has an easy grip handle. It has an interchangeable mask and one-way valve. It is a transparent design which would let you see any obstruction that has been removed. Masks are available in two sizes for adults and for children.

Who Can Use Lifevac?

Lifevac could be used on anyone as long as you choose the right mask size. Ensure that the mask fits the mouth of the individual who will be using it. Discard the colored plastic ring and insert the mask into the unit. Rotate the mask and rotate it to ensure exert pressure. Place the mask on the person’s nose and mouth. Ensure that the chin is up and the mouth is open. Seal the mask with the individual’s mouth and hold it with your hand. Ensure air would not leak. Push the handle down with your other hand to compress the unit. Then, pull the handle up and turn the victim’s head to your side to remove the obstruction. In short, Lifevac works by placing, pushing and pulling.

What Are the Differences Between Dechoker and Lifevac?

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of differences between the two devices. Though they are created with having the same purpose, they are quite different in terms of built and design. They also differ in terms of sizes, prices and warranties.

Where You Can Buy?

Dechoker and Lifevac are considered as two of the most popular anti-choker devices. They come in compact design, high quality, easy to use and are available most of the time. In fact, they could be bought in different over-the-counter drug stores.

Dechoker and Lifevac are available across USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Dechoker and Lifevac.

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