Facebook introduces video embedding for its videos on other sites

Today at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook announced that it will allow its users to embed Facebook videos on other websites. The feature that has long been available in other video streaming services like YouTube and DailyMotion has finally made its way into Facebook.

Previously, if Facebook users wanted to embed video from Facebook to any site, they have to either break the source code of the video player or they just copy paste the link where they want the video. Other ways to embed a video was to find an alternate source of the same video on any other video streaming site which offers embedding. Some users even go to an extent where they use desktop video recorders and record the Facebook videos, upload them to YouTube or any other site which gives embedded code and then put it on the site. But now it is as easy as it gets and people can embed Facebook videos just like any other video streaming site allows.

There will be an ‘embed’ button which will show the code for embedding upon clicking on it, copy that code and paste it anywhere to embed it. This feature opens door to a great opportunity for Facebook to attract advertisers and publishes in a big way where they can use the Facebook video uploading platform effectively.

Apart from announcing the video embedding feature, Facebook also said that it will add support for 360-degree videos that can be viewed in its own native player. This type of videos will allow users to look in all directions of the scene in the video while it is playing. The real application of such videos however lies in the virtual reality where watching such videos on an Oculus Rift or any other virtual reality headset will be a great experience.

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