25 Temmuz'a kadar BlackBerry Priv kılıflarında 40% indirim kazanın

The BlackBerry Priv has had its share of poor sales (the name isn’t such a turn-on, either), but we know there are some fans out there who love the fact that BlackBerry has now gone and crafted an Android handset with Google Play Store access. A new deal will let you deliver BlackBerry Priv cases for your device and give you some of the accessories you’ve been wanting for a more competitive price point.

ShopBlackBerry has a 40% off sitewide deal going right now that allows you to get 40% off all BlackBerry accessories including BlackBerry Priv cases such as Leather Pocket Case, Leather Smart Flip Case, Leather Swivel Holster Case, Slide-Out Hand Shell with Stand Case, as well as power charger bundles, rapid travel chargers, and rapid charger clips. You can’t get 40% off the BlackBerry Priv, however, so there are no phone discounts involved in this sitewide sale (for the Priv, at least) — though there are some good deals (such as this one) out there right now.

The BlackBerry Priv cases aren’t the only ones for which you can take advantage of the 40% discount, but we know that BlackBerry fans owning the latest and greatest would want to save anyway they can.

BlackBerry Priv cases - 1 BlackBerry Priv Cases - 2


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