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How to Fix Orbi Purple Light

For those who have huge or bigger homes, having a mesh router is a must and would definitely be a lifesaver especially to those who experience frequent dead zones. However, there are times as well when you could experience some issues or problems on your mesh systems. One of the unique, mesh products that are highly exceptional is the Orbi. This product, just like other products, also experiences some issues and one of them is the purple light issue. 

Whenever you would see the purple light on your Orbi, this would mean that your Orbi is unable to connect to your internet. It could also mean that your satellites are not pairing with it correctly. If you do not know how to solve this issue, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you some methods and ways to solve the mentioned issue. 

How to Fix the Orbi Purple Light?

As mentioned earlier, whenever you orbi shows a color purple light, this could mean that your Orbi could not connect to the satellites or your internet. If the light is orange, this could mean that you have a connection but could be intermittent. If the light is blue, this means that you have a reliable connection. 

Reset the Orbi

  • Switch off your modem
  • Disconnect your Orbi from your modem
  • Wait for about five minutes 
  • Plug your modem back in
  • Wait for it to boot up 
  • Reconnect your Orbi 

Check the Connection Lines

Though this could be very annoying to do, but, there are times when we do not notice that your connection lines or cables could be damaged. It could also have some small clips which could click when you plug your Ethernet cable into the port. Also, your connection lines could also become loose which could lead to non-responsiveness. This could also result to your connections to struggle. 

Retry Syncing Your Orbi and Satellite

  • Keep your satellite and Orbi close to each other 
  • Locate the Sync button on your Orbi device 
  • Go to your satellite 
  • Press the Sync button for about 120 seconds
  • Wait for a while for your satellite and orbi to sync together and wait for it to flash white light

Check Your Internet Provider for Outages

Sometimes the problem could be out of your hands. There are times when your Internet Provider is experiencing outages. Hence, it would be easier for you to contact your internet service provider and tell them what you are experiencing. You could also check their website and see if there are some outages in your area. 

Factory Reset the Orbi

This could be the last resort that we would recommend to you as this would let you lose your current passwords, settings and configurations. It will go back to your default settings. Hence, if nothing else works, this could be your last resort. 

Reach Out to Netgear

You could also reach out to Netgear and ask them what you could do to be able to fix your Orbi straight away. It is best for you to get expert advice. 

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