JBL’s USB-C earbuds are now on sale, though pricey

JBL first announced its USB-C earbuds back in April, following a collaboration with HTC. This announcement signified the near move from vulnerable 3.5 headphone jack- the default way to connect headphones to a mobile device, to the use of a USB Type-C port.

USB Type-C is the new universal standard for USB, though far from universal at the moment. Only a few phones and computers have this USB type. Other, mostly have older microUSB, which is less durable and does not have reversible connectors. JBL’s latest release is expected to be the first among many more to be unveiled or announced within the year. There are already rumors that Apple will be mixing the headphone jack on iPhone 7.

JBL’s USB-C earbud features adaptive noise cancellation, allowing users to adjust the amount of outside noise. For this feature to work effectively, it requires power to sample the ambient noise and mitigate it. This would imply a sort of a battery in the ear bud, though what JBL has done is ensure that the earbud pulls power from the device through the USB TYPE-C. The earphones are sweat proof and have a tangle free cord. They also have ergonomic tips and in-line microphone.

The earbud was announced alongside the new HTC 10, which has a Type-C port. Other compatible phones include LG G5, Nexus 6P, and Nextbit Robin. The earbuds will not work with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7, which have a microUSB port. It is worth noting that JBL has released a similar product that connects to Apple’s lightning port for power and audio. This is expected to work with any USB-C device, including Motorola Moto Z, the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and even Apple’s 12-inch MacBook.

It was expected that the earbud would not be cheap when their listing on HTC’s website went live. it is currently retailing at $199.

Featured Image Credit:ubergizmo


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