Nexus 5X to get OTA update alongside March 2016 security patch

We often hear of the old veteran Nexus devices (Motorola Nexus 6, LG Nexus 5) and the latest Google flagship, the Huawei/Google Nexus 6P, getting updates, but the Nexus 5X often remains in the shadows. Google is trying to change that with its $199 Nexus 5X offer for new Project Fi adopters between now and April, and the search engine giant is now back to show new Project Fi adopters who purchase the Nexus 5X that it is committed to giving the mid-range flagship as much attention as it does the high-end Nexus 6P.

At the Reddit Nexus 5X discussion forum today, a user by the name GoogleNexusCM (supposedly a Google employee) dropped an announcement about the new update rolling out now:

I wanted to give some clarification around this, and specifically let you all know that an OTA update will begin rolling out today for the Nexus 5X. We have listened to your feedback, and this update includes a number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance on the Nexus 5X. The March security update will be included with this OTA for the Nexus 5X.

This announcement seems to bring doubly good news: not only does the Nexus 5X get an OTA update, but it also gets the March security update to protect against security issues that are common to Android as a whole. Most of the vulnerabilities within Android that mandate the March 2016 security update pertain to remote code execution, among other things.

The Nexus 5X is the third smartphone LG released with Google that packs Google’s software and LG’s hardware. Korean manufacturer LG also made the Nexus 4 (2012) and Nexus 5 (2013) prior to the Nexus 5X, but the Nexus 5X will be LG’s last Google phone for a while — seeing that the company has said there will be no Nexus 5X successor for 2016. The company will devote its time and attention to marketing the new LG G5 smartphone as well as its other projects.

Have you received the Nexus 5X OTA update yet? Have you seen your security update information via your phone settings finally roll to March 2016? Still waiting for the update? As always, your comments, questions, and responses are welcome.


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