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Parrot H20 Smart Plant Monitor Review

Last year, Parrot released Flower Power, a wireless sensor capable of monitoring your plants’ health and is connected to the internet for data sharing and sending alerts to your mobile device. Recently, at CES, the company unveiled two new smart devices, the Parrot H20 and the Parrot Pot. Between the two products, the H20 is simpler, a sensor you can stick on dirt and pairs with a water bottle. These two units, though, can be used to keep track of the moisture, fertiliser and temperature in the soil as well as amount of sunlight the plant is exposed.


  • Fits any pot
  • Built-in irrigation system
  • Automated watering process
  • Can be used with an app
  • iOS and Android device capable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cloud-based decisions
  • Existing plant database


The Parrot H20 makes watering and monitoring your plants easier. With the use of a sensor placed into the dirt near the plant and an average water bottle attached to the sensor top, you will be able to keep your plants healthy. Both units allow for tracking the plant’s vital signs.

The H20 has the basic features of the Flower Power but with more accurate monitoring results. When it comes to plant watering functions, it can provide up to three weeks of automated irrigation with the use of a soft jet.

Moreover, its 8,000 plant database is useful to determine the ample supply of water needed for a particular plant. The companion app, on the other hand, will be responsible for alerting you when to water the plant or add fertilizer.

The Parrot Pot, on the other hand, is better in the sense that it is an improved version of the H20. Apart from being in the form of a two-liter ceramic pot, it boasts of a built-in two-litter reservoir. This feature takes away the need for a water bottle. It also has two water spouts and can be adjusted to conservation mode when the water level is running low. Additionally, the pot contains two outlets found at the bottom that allow excess water to flow.


With the Flower Pot retailing at around $60, the cost for these new units might be slightly higher and can be an issue to some consumers. Also, although these can work with a mobile app, both don’t offer WiFi connectivity. If you only need basic plant watering and monitoring, though, you would not really need WiFi.



With more owners preferring smart homes and automated lifestyles, these smart devices can help streamline home automation even in your garden. With the convenience and benefits it can offer for you and your plants, investing in these automated plant watering solutions is worth it.

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