Android için En İyi Kişisel Asistan Uygulamaları

Android devices are capable of handling a variety of tasks with the help of the amazing selection of apps available for this platform. Although Android smartphones and tablets are more widely used than iPhone and iPad due to their affordability and flexibility, Siri, Apple’s personal assistant is very popular and many Android users would like to get a similar option. Thankfully, there are personal assistants for Android that will also help you to take your productivity to the next level and that will make your life easier. These virtual assistants can keep you updated with the latest news, answer your questions, give you directions, send emails or SMS texts and more. Here are the best personal assistants for Android.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

Previously known as Indigo Virtual Assistant, Lyra is an advanced assistant that offers innovative features and that has earned a high rating on Google Play. With Lyra, you will always have an assistant that will help you to complete different tasks. Lyra is designed to offer a realistic human voice and its intelligent performance will make you feel that you are actually talking to someone, as she even shares her own opinion. Lyra can set alarms, guide you when you can’t find the right direction, browse the web to find the information you need, and more.

Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Created by Audioburst, Robin is a personal assistant that aims to offer a similar, and even better experience than Siri. Robin adapts to your needs as it is constantly learning and you can even tell her how you prefer to be called. Once you tap the microphone button, Robin will be ready to listen and follow your commands. You can also wave hello in front of the device’s upper edge. Robin supports GPS navigation, provides information about local places, the weather and anything else. Robin also has a sense of humor and you will find some examples of her surprising responses in the comments from users on Google Play.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

This is a wonderful personal assistant that allows Android users to complete tasks easily and in less time. It offers many customization options that allow you to set the app to match your own style. It can send and receive text messages, send emails, post on your Social Media profiles and more. By using your own voiceprint, you can ensure that the assistance follows your commands only. You can schedule appointments, browse the internet, set reminders and more, effortlessly. When you enable Attentive mode, you can access the assistant whenever needed, even if the device is locked. You can select a voice and a name for your assistant.


Microsoft introduced Cortana in 2015 and this assistant is based on a character in the popular game series Halo. Cortana allows you to keep track of important events and information at any time. You can set up reminders and Cortana will make sure that you don’t forget appointments or anything else. If you are working on your computer and you get a call on the phone, Cortana will notify you on your PC, so you won’t miss any calls. Cortana is efficient and it has amazing organization features. She also learns your preferences over time to provide information that is truly useful for you.

ANDY – Voice Assistant

This free solution offers smart performance and it is ideal for students and anyone who needs to find information quickly and without hassle. Andy comes with a practical knowledge navigator and its voice control capabilities are optimized for Android devices. Andy can send messages, emails, start phone calls, provide directions and answer many questions. You can ask him about the weather and even about Math. Andy can help with unit conversions and much more. Ease of use is one of the advantages that this voice assistant created by ETX Software offers. You just need to tap the mic button, shake the device or type the question manually and Andy will provide an answer.

DataBot Assistant

DataBot is designed to be useful and even fun. The assistant can answer questions related to a variety of topics. DataBot learns over time what information is relevant to you , becoming more useful and identifying the subjects that interest you. It is possible to create and customize multimedia presentations with image, voice and texts. DataBot Assistant is not only great for work or study, but can also be a lot of fun.

Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

Jarvis by ItsMyLab is a practical solution that lets you stay up to date about the weather, the latest news and it can also make calls and send messages for you. There is a widget and wearable support for added convenience and the assistant can also manage settings, play songs, turn WiFi on and give you reminders. Thanks to the CloudVoice Dynamic conversation, Jarvis can answer different questions and even if he doesn’t know the answer, he can learn over time. Jarvis is ideal for those who have wearable Android devices.

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