Best Spincast Reels for 2019

Fishing comes in different forms for different people. For some fishing is a recreational sport, others take it as a platform for bonding with the family or it could be a source for living and for some it is a past time and has become a hobby. No matter, how you see what fishing is, you would need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment for it.

One type of fishing reel that we highly recommend is the spincast reel. A spincast reel is easy to use, easy to learn and it is low maintenance. Compared to other reels that are complicated, spincast will never give you a problem in handling it. This reel is perfect for those who are just starting to enjoy fishing. Though, this reel is not as pleasing to the eyes as spinning reels and baitcasting reels, spincast definitely is very effective and efficient to be used for fishing.

With that said, we complied into a list the best spincast reels which you could consider using for your fishing trips.

1. Zebco Spincast Fishing Omega Reel

Zebco, the company who has created spincast fishing omega reel has set the bar high for spincast reels. The omega reel is a seven bearing spincast reel and is a very tough competitor. It is in fact the first one that has packed 7 bearings that provides smooth performance and mechanics. Aside from that, though Zebco Spincast Fishing Omega Reel is a bit expensive, you will not regret getting this spincast reel as it is very smooth and very efficient to use. Using this reel reduces friction with its ceramic line guide and it also allows its users to switch the retrieve crank from left to right and vice-versa.

2. Pflueger President Spincast Reel

A 4 bearings spincast reel, Pflueger President Spincast Reel comes with a classic regal color scheme. It has an aluminum body which matches its colors that provides an elegant look and feel. This reel however, is not only for show, it is also proud of its features such as its polished instant anti-reverse feature. It is also reliable and provides a smooth engagement after the cast.

Aside from that, users of this reel loves this reel’s ergonomic shape and its large knobs that provides an extra layer of positive grip. This means, you will not have a hard time fighting off a large fish. Moreover, this spincast also comes with a spool applied drag. As for its price, this spincast reel is a bit on the costly side but with its effectivity and great features, you will know it is worth its price.

3. Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel

Zebco is a huge name in the fishing reel industry. Its Bullet Spincast Reel is a power player reel with upgrades that will amaze you. Unfortunately, if you wish for this reel to increase its performance, you will have to be ready to spend a few more bucks.

The Bullet Spincast Reel comes with a world class design. It has been improved from its previous model and it still aims to solve every issue it has. It is a low friction pickup system design which helps in keeping the line from kinking and twisting. It also ensures that it reduces the friction of each cast which makes the line last longer. This reel has 9 bearings which is pretty impressive not to purchase.

4. Abu Garcia Abumatic 170

Abu Garcia is one of the most favorite brands by many fishing enthusiasts. It has 3 bearings, brass gear internals and side mounted drag adjustment. Abrumatic 170 is lightweight and small classic design with a modern look. Aside from that, this model comes with drag setting which is adjusted by a wheel. It also comes with top mounted friction wheel style and it uses a carbon-based friction disc which is a huge improvement on its performance.

5. Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

The Omega Pro Spincast is an upgrade and is a pro version which comes with advanced features like the internals of a high-end bullet reel. Aside from that, this spincast reel reduces the line’s friction and a reliable spool which increases the lifespan of your line.

The Omega Pro Spincast is a great option and an alternative to a bullet reel as it comes with the same features like ceramic pick-ups and has 7 bearings. However, unlike the bullet with 6:1 ratio, the Omega Pro has a modest 3:4:1 ratio which could assist you in fighting off and haul heavy fish.

You will never regret purchasing Zebco Omega Pro as it is cost-effective, provides high performance and is very durable.

6. Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Fishing Reel

Daiwa Goldcast Spincast is in the middle priced level. It is made of metal body and gears. It comes in a lightweight frame and in a simple, minimal design. Its gear ratio is 4.1:1 which means this reel could handle just about anything.

Goldcast comes in three different models you could choose from and all of it allows you to optimize your gear ratio casting preferences and line weight.

7. Pflueger Trion Spincast Reel

The Trion Spincast reel is similar to a triggerspin reel. A triggerspin reel is a hybrid reel that comes with best features of a spinning reel and of a spincast reel. The Trion comes with a cone design

and the reel hangs upside down on the rod which means, water will drop off the line. This reel also is made up of metal gears and titanium pickup pins. These materials make this reel very reliable and durable. Using this reel is really easy to use and to setup as well, if you are looking for a reel that would provide you ease in fishing, then this reel is perfect for you.

Choosing the Best Spincast Reel

When choosing the right spincast reel, there are several factor you would need to consider to ensure that the reel that you will purchase will meet and suit your needs.

1. Bearings

What are bearings? Bearings are the ceramic or steel balls that moves mechanically to reduce the friction of the line. It is the one that stands between you and the retrieval of the line as you pull it back into the reel.

We highly recommend that you get the ceramic bearings type as they work smoothly and is corrosion resistant. This means, you will not have any problems with rust. Furthermore, with ceramic bearings, friction is reduced effectively. Though this type of bearings is a very expensive option, you will not regret investing in one.

2. Ease of Use

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a reel as who would want something that is complicated? Choose one that will not give you a hard time using it. Note that if you wish something that provides you ease, an open face reel, spinning reel and baitcasting reel are not good options for you as these require a bit of mastery to be able to use them effectively. As mentioned in this article, we highly recommend you use a spincasting reel. They are the easiest to use.

3. Triggerspin Reels

Triggerspin reels are also recommended as they include some features of spinning reels. This type of reel is created by a reliable brand, Zebco. This means, you could trust this product. This reel has a balanced look and comes with a click button release features which is very similar to a spincast reel.

4. How Spincast Drag System Works

Spincast reels come with a simple drag system wherein a drag is the pressure you will need to put on the line whenever a fish pulls the line. With spincast reels, they use felt disc friction system and whenever pressure is felt, these discs will determine the level of pressure and will control the drag or the pull of a fish.

5. Pickup Systems

These are the small internal mechanisms that affects the reel that will make it hook on a line and will pull back the line back into its housing. These are very important as in case it slips, you will lose your line and bait. This means, no fish will be caught. It is highly recommended to choose one that has about two to three point pick-ups.

6. Gears and Internals

For top level anglers, gears are big deal and important. Some manufacturers save cost by using cheap quality internal mechanisms and materials. If you are serious about fishing, these will not make the cut. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a reel that comes with the best materials and usually these are materials made of metal. Stainless and brass usually corrodes and we highly discourage you to get these types of reels that are made of such materials.


With numerous options available in the market and with numerous types of reels, it is difficult to choose one that would best suit your fishing needs. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you and provide you useful information which you could use in choosing the best fishing reel.

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