5 Tips to Get Better at Black Ops Cold War

The Black Ops Cold War has become very popular among video game lovers. Due to the fast-paced nature of this game, its difficulty level has been a nightmare, especially to beginners. However, thanks to the new cold war hacks and some fresh new ingredients, dropping into the cold war and rising the ranks is now doable.

Whether you’re a beginner or a returning player searching for ways to improve, the Black Ops Cold War Cheats are among a few developments that will help you emerge triumphantly. The below tips will also make you see a marked improvement in your game. Read on and thank me later. 

5 Tips to Get Better at Black Ops Cold War

  1. Familiarize Yourself With The Maps

As you play the different maps in Cold War, you’ll begin to gradually learn the lanes, camping spots sight lines, spawns, flanks, power positions, where to hide, and the different routes. Learning the map makes you aware of which are most likely to be used by your enemies and gives you a better chance to kill and improve your score in every match.

If you’ve been repeatedly killed from a certain spot, try out the same spot next time you play on that map. If it’s you who managed to flank and kill an enemy, be mindful of where you flanked from. Familiarizing yourself with the various vantage points and hideouts will keep you alive longer than just running blindly. 

Also learn the mini-map. Look for your teammates and where they are dying. Either take a different route or try to surprise your enemies there with some gunshots. If you see your team spawning on one side of the map, the enemies are likely on the other side. Position yourself well and counter their push and you might get some easy kills while surviving for longer.

  1. Don’t Be In A Hurry All The Time

This is a common mistake, especially with beginners. In Black Ops Cold War, the maps are small, and sprinting across the map towards every location is bad. Instead, situational awareness is key. When you’re rushing all the time, you often don’t have a proper strategy hence things might not go as you planned it thus making the game feel like some trial-and-error process. 

Call of Duty largely rewards a more reflex-based style but it doesn’t mean that you have to hurriedly react to everything that’s happening around you without some game plan and calculated steps.

  1. Watch Professional Players And Content Creators

Streaming the pro-Cold War games helps you improve your techniques and tactics. However, don’t compare yourself to them. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even as you envy their skills remember that they put hours into improving at shooters so chances are they’ll be much better than an average player. 

The fact is that it will take time to reach their aim prowess and trying to copy it might frustrate your effort to get better at Cold War. But, you can copy everything else apart from their aim. For instance, you can try to implement some of their tactics such as how they inspect rooms before entering, their positioning on the map, or how they avoid battles in the open.

  1. Use Sound To Your Advantage

During Cold War, being keen on sounds can give you lots of information when getting the drop on your opponents or warn you when they’re raiding you. The loud footsteps can help you track players’ movements. Using a decent set of headphones will help you respond to audio cues and help hear any suppressed enemy shots even when they don’t appear on the mini-map.

By listening carefully you can even anticipate the number of imminent enemies as well as surprise players moving behind you. Be able to differentiate whether the footstep noise belongs to a friend or enemy lest you get caught up by flankers. If you use sound cues to your advantage, you’ll easily increase your kill count and within no time you’ll be ahead of the pack.

  1. Team Communication Is Key

Just like in many shooter video games, communication is crucial and Cold War isn’t an exemption, especially when fighting a more experienced opponent. Luckily, this game has the popular ping system in all Multiplayer modes. This allows you to ping objectives, loot, enemies’ locations among others without necessarily producing sound. 

The Bottom Line

I’m not afraid to admit that this game frustrated me to a point of throwing my controller against the wall. That’s my sad past though, largely because I didn’t know the things to keep in mind while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. With slight tweaks and adjustments, I largely rose up the ranks. Hopefully, the new cold war hacks and the above tips help you to dominate the level of the battlefield. 

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