Best video editing apps for iOS

YouTube may be the leading platform when it comes to sharing videos online, but other popular social media apps give users the chance to post short clips. For a while, Vine was the most prominent option for short videos. In 2012, Twitter acquired it and it now offers users the chance to share short looping videos in a similar way as Vine did. Regardless of the social media platform on which you wan to share your short clips, there are apps that will help you to edit your clips to make them more interesting. A video will allow you to tell a story, tell a joke without words and explore your creativity. You can express yourself and create unique clips with the help of the right editing app. Since iOS devices feature a top quality camera, they are ideal for capturing clips. Here you will find a list of apps that let you make your short clips more interesting and unique. You will be able to share them on Snapshot, Twitter, Instagram and more.


This is an incredibly efficient and powerful video editor that lets you add effects and background music. You will be able to create and share videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more. AvFX lets you record videos beautifully looking videos that capture special moments. The app is easy to use and it allows you to tap a filter and tap stop button when you finish. You can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and much more. The app features a large selection of effects including Aurora, Neon, Lomo, Vintage and Fantasy. You will be able to add tunes from your iPod library and use them as background music. You just need to select a video from your Photo Library, Camera roll and edit it. You can crop it and trim it. All you have to do is to apply great effects and add background music before sharing it on your social media profiles. AvFX allows you to get professional results in just a few minutes.


Funimate stands out thanks to its amazing effects and ease of use. You will have fun while editing your videos. Thanks to the convenient features, Funimate will allow you to create fantastic video edits. It uses patent-pending technology that is ideal for creating music videos with special effects. The videos can then be shared on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. You can use the TOuch Magic feature to add effects on the screen. There are many options available including hearts, glitters, fireball and more. It is possible to add lyrics to music videos using effects sugc as colors and neon lights. You can expect amazing results each time. There are many effects available that will let you add a professional touch to your videos. There are also many sound effects to choose from, including applause and magic wand. The app


PocketVideo provides powerful functionality and all the features that you need to create videos that are appealing, but it is also very easy to use. PocketVideo by Pocket Supernova is a highly rated video editor for iOS. It is a practical solution to create videos that will capture your audience on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. With the help of PocketVideo, you will be able to capture and edit videos with just a few taps. It allows you to edit up to 10 minutes of HD videos and it works with any video format. You will find advanced features that will allow you to creat unique videos in just a few minutes. PocketVideo has a simple interface and it lets you create titles for your videos without hassle. There is also an extensive list of music tracks available in the library.


Quik is another great app for creating unique videos with only a few taps. After selecting the photos and clips that you want to edit, you just need to let Quik take care of the rest. Within a few seconds, you will have the chance to add amazing transitions and effects. It is also possible to sync the data to match the beat of the music. The story can be customized with text, music and shared with your friends on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Quik, as the name suggests is an editing app that works fast and that is also very easy to use.


While it is a simple solution, Splice is also packed with powerful features that will allow you to create professional grade videos. Using your iPhone, you will be able to shot clips with stunning image quality. It combines the advanced performance of a desktop editing solution, with the convenience of a mobile app. No matter where you are, you will be able to edit and modify your videos, adding effects, adjusting transitions and much more. With a few taps, you will get amazing results, so much that Splice has been considered by many as the best editor for iOS. The app allows you to sync your videos to the beat of the music automatically. You can also apply filters and change the background colors. It is possible to select your transition style and manage the speed between transitions. There is a large selection of effects and music available.

Video Star

Video Star will give you the chance to create star quality videos with an impressive variety of effects. You can add Power Packs to add a unique touch to your videos. It is possible to create backwards clips, add clones of yourself in the same video. You can also add slow-mo or fast forward. There are many options to choose from and regardless of how many scenes you shoot, the music stays in sync. You just need to select a song and start shooting the video. It is possible to upload YouTube or share the video on other platforms from within the app. Although Video Star doesn’t have as good reviews as other apps in the list, it is still worth trying.

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