Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers

For multiplayer games, one of the most important keys in winning a game is through communication and though these types of games allow players to talk to each other through in-game voice communication solution, unfortunately, they do not work well, effectively and efficiently. Hence, if you are looking for a platform or an app that would help you and your teammates chat and communicate, there are some amazing voice chat apps that you could check and try.

Top Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers:

In this article, we have tested and checked several voice chat apps that are specifically designed for gamers. We shall feature several different voice chat apps wherein some offer basic features only and some that goes beyond simple messaging function/s.

Depending on your need and preferences, you will find different ways and apps to stay connected with your gaming buddies using videos, voice, conferencing and sharing of files.

1. Discord

Discord is a well-loved, popular free chatting platform/services that most gamers usually use. It allows its users to chat with other Discord members through voice and/or text chat. Aside from that, through this app, you will be able to create a server and even invite your friends. Discord could be used on the web and also provides the option to download the app.

With this app being available on the web, players could join servers and communicate with each other without any worries and difficulties. As for features, this app allows its players to create and customize hotkeys. You could use their overlay feature as it allows players to interact with both game they are playing and all people that they are communicating with through Discord. This app also allows its users to add bots and extra features.

Furthermore, this app allows individual players to set their own volume levels for other players. Hence, it is easy to increase the volume of your teammate who you would want to listen to and decrease the other players.

Discord also offers DDoS and IP protection and we highly recommend this app specially to those who love playing games like Fortnite and PUBG.

2. Mumble

If you are highly concerned about online security, we highly recommend Mumble. Mumble is one of the best VoIP apps perfect for gamers. They come with encryption functions and it supports low latency audio streaming. This means, you will not have to worry about your online data,

activities and experiencing any lags while you are chatting with your friends. Moreover, this app also supports positional sound which provides a more realistic feeling.

Mumble also gives server admins user permissions to manage and control the users on the servers and they also have an in-game overlay which we know you will find very useful.

Players using Mumble can use Ice middleware to access addition features in their servers such as channel viewers, web interfaces, authenticators and many more.

3. TeamSpeak3

TeamSpeak3 is another amazing chatting app option. It provides better administration control and it comes with a range of permission options where you could set your desired control and manage your servers yourself. Furthermore, this app comes with a clean, simple and easy to use interface. Though clean interface might not appeal to those who prefer modern looking design language, we do not think this is a very important factor nor a deal breaker for most users.

This app also allows its users to file transfer and take note that this feature of theirs is highly impressive in terms of its fast speed. This means, you could be assured that your team communication is in sync. As for its security feature, as mentioned above, this app uses AES encryption.

4. Overtone

Overtone is a great voice chat app designed for gamers. It is simple to use and is based on Vivox which is another amazing integrated voice chat service that is often used for games such as PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends and many more.

One of Overtone’s goals is to bring this technology to gamers all over the world which makes this app a great alternative and a competitor of Discord. This app is offered for free and it is easy to set up as well. It includes free use of voice and text chatting features. This app could also be run on a web browser.

5. StreamChat

This is another amazing option especially if you highly rely on voice communication while playing for favorite game. If you have this installed on your system while playing your game, it is a great option to try out before installing other apps listed in this article.

This app is perfect for playing PUBG and it is also free to use. Moreover, it allows its users to create their own group of friends and share unique URLs which you could use to share your chat room. This app could be used on web as well.

6. Element

Element features a modern design and it offers free unlimited voice and video conferencing. This means, you could communicate without limitations and worries. Furthermore, it allows its users to file share and this app also comes with management tools which helps you get everything organized.

Element is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android. It also comes with end to end encryption feature and function.

7. RaidCall

RaidCall is a VoIP service that is offered for free which you could use as your in-game chatting platform. It is light on system and it could support up to 100,000 users. This app is widely used worldwide especially by players of Dota. It allows its users to voice record, reduce noise, make announcements, transfer files and use themes and emoticons. This app is also recommended for Twitch viewers and users.


1. Can you talk in a party on the PlayStation?

Yes, this is possible as this app works pretty well and it allows you to chat in a party in PlayStation app. All you have to do is to go to PS4 second screen app on your device then go to chat transcription from party menu then create and join a party.

2. What is Voice Chat on Switch?

It is Nintendo’s official voice chatting solution which you could download for iOS and Android devices in order to chat with other Nintendo users.

3. How to turn on Voice Chat on Nintendo?

Start game mode that supports voice chat and tap on start after getting a notification or prompt that your device will turn on your voice chat.

4. How to get microphone to work on Switch?

You could use a built-in mic on your phone or use a headphone jack to plug in your gaming headsets to switch.

5. What was the game with voice chat?

The first game that used voice chat was Metroid Prime Hunters.


We hope through this article, we were able to help you find the best voice chat app that would suit your gaming needs and enhance your gaming experience.

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