How To Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, chances are high that you will find evidence of their infidelity on their cell phone. This is because a cell phone has become an essential part of our lives. It is the one piece of technology that we take with us no matter where we go. It is our means of reaching out to people who are not in our immediate surroundings. If your partner is cheating on you, she will most likely communicate with her lover through phone calls, texts, or social media. This is where cell phone tracker apps come in. Phone tracker apps can be installed on a device to give you access to the call log, messages, and even location regardless of your distance from the device. Today, we outline the best cell phone tracker apps to uncover the infidelity of your partner without them knowing. 


uMobix is a great app to help you monitor all that your spouse does on their phone. It has all the tools that you will need to ensure the faithfulness of your spouse. Installing uMobix on your target device is a ten-minute process and guides are provided to assist you in the installation process. uMobix’s call monitoring feature is one of the best on the market. You can monitor the phonebook on your spouse’s device. If your partner changes the name of a contact to trick you, you will be notified of the change. You also get to monitor the call history on the target device. It shows you the call times as well as the duration of the calls. uMobix lets you see the call history of even deleted calls. You can also check out SMS messages sent to and received from the target device to make sure your spouse isn’t getting any texts from a lover. You even have the option of blocking a number from sending any messages to your spouse’s phone. As social media is now the main method of communication, a spy app will be incomplete without social media monitoring. uMobix is one of the best cell phone trackers for Whatsapp monitoring and also allows you to monitor more than 20 different social media and instant messaging apps. You can also track the location of the target device so that your partner won’t be able to lie about their whereabouts to you. uMobix will also let you monitor the usage of individual applications and will alert you to the usage of dating apps such as tinder. You can then proceed to block unwanted apps from the device remotely. The uMobix phone tracker app also lets you listen in on conversations going on around your spouse through the microphone of their device. In addition to this, you can stream footage from the cameras of the device to get an idea of what is going on in their surroundings. This cell phone tracker app is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to monitor your wife regardless of what device they use. There is also a nifty tool on the uMobix websites which allows you to input the model of the phone you would like to track to test its compatibility before you pay for the app. On Android devices, uMobix offers two tiers, a basic tier and a full option. The basic tier costs $29.99 monthly while the full tier is available in monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The monthly plan costs $59.99 per month while the quarterly plan costs $99.99 which resolves to $33.33 every month. The annual plan is the most economical at $178.88 which resolves to $14.99 every month. The subscription for iOS on the other hand costs $49.99 per month for the full option. You can also have it at $26.66 per month if you pay for three months or $12.49 if you pay for a full year. The basic option for iOS costs the same as the one for Android.


Spyzzz is targeted towards people who want to monitor their spouses. You can use this app to find out if your partner is having an affair. This phone tracker app gives you access to all the text messages that go through your target device. It even lets you view messages that have been deleted from the phone’s storage. You also get a call monitoring feature with Spyzzz, allowing you to see the full call history on your partner’s phone including call details that have been deleted. You also have access to all the contacts stored on the phone’s storage and you get alerts when a contact is renamed or deleted. If your partner changes their SIM card, you will receive an alert that lets you know that they are probably using a secret SIM card to make calls. The photos and videos on your partner’s device are also available for you to view on the dashboard to make sure that they do not send or receive any media that they shouldn’t. These pictures can then be stored on the device of your choice to serve as evidence if you find out that they are cheating. Spyzzz installs silently on the target device and all you need is a few minutes with the device to set it up. The app also disappears once the installation process is completed which makes your spouse oblivious to its tracking activities. This phone tracker app also gives you access to the real-time location of the tracked device as well as a history of locations visited by the bearer of the device. Spyzzz will also let you access the microphone and cameras of the target device for you to get a fix on the happenings in your spouse’s location. Spyzzz’s basic plan is available on Android for $29.99 a month, while the full plan costs $59.99 per month. The basic plan is also $29.99 per month on iOS and $49.99 per month for the full option with all of the features. 


This is another great cell phone tracker app that helps you discover if your partner is cheating or not. Installing this cell phone tracker app on your partner’s phone takes only a few minutes so you do not get caught. Once you complete the installation, the app fades into the background and becomes undiscoverable. This is to ensure that the target of the tracking continues with all of their usual practices and can then be caught red-handed. SpyBubblepro offers several features which can be used to keep tabs on the activities of your partner both on and off the phone. SpyBubblepro lets you spy on the numbers dialed from your spouse’s phone as well as the calls received on the device. You are also able to access call records that have been deleted. Calls are not the only means of communication that can be monitored using this cell phone tracker app, it also allows you to look at text messages on the device. It then gives you control over who to allow to continue receiving messages from the device as well as who can send messages to the device. This feature is known as SMS blocking. You are also able to keep track of social media apps that are used on the target device as this is a great phone tracker for Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, and many others. SpyBubblepro also has a keylogger that can help you discover passwords and any other information typed with the device’s keyboard. In addition, SpyBubblepro makes all the phone browser history of the target device available to you. This includes deleted history logs. There is also a GPS locator which can help you pinpoint the location of your spouse at any point in time. You can get SpyBubblepro’s basic option for $29.99 per month on both iOS and Android devices while the full tier costs $49.99 and $59.99 respectively. 


It has been discovered that only about 5% of cheating partners own up to their wrongdoings. For this reason, you must know what your partner does on their cell phones for you not to be caught unawares if they turn out to be unfaithful. Get a cell phone tracker app today. 

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