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Everyday, something is happening in the world and it is important to stay well informed. Thanks to internet, it is possible to be up to date with global issues and there are many convenient apps that allow us to follow the news on the go. Even if we are travelling and don’t have access to newspapers or television in our language, our mobile devices can help us to get access to information about the latest events.

Of course, many newspapers and News TV channels have their own apps that offer a summary of what is happening, but it is also possible to find apps that gather news from different sources and give you easy access to a variety of content. One of the apps that allows you to get a wider view of world news is Track180. Here is more about it.

What Makes Track180 Special

This free app, exclusively designed for iPad, offers the possibility of reading news from all over the world, presented from different perspectives. You can follow up on events as they develop and even connect to people who are part of the story. The app delivers you a selection of news picked from multiple sources. What makes it stand apart is the fact that it gives you a broader perspective of a news story, putting it in contents and connecting it with several related stories.

You can get in-depth coverage of what is happening in the world, in a way that is easy to access and convenient. The app allows you to explore news without sticking to a single side of the story. You get to see different angles of the same event and the related coverage helps you to get a better understanding of the issue. The app is easy to use and the news are delivered in a way that provides comprehensive information without being overwhelming.


Track180 has an appealing interface that keeps you engaged without distracting from the news coverage. The app helps you to see the connection between seemingly-unrelated stories, allowing to go beyond the surface to understand the background and the possible consequences that an event may bring upon. When you open one story, Track180 shows you other stories that are interconnected. You can discover what is beyond the headlines and the main news that most channels focus on.

The tool can help journalists, students and anyone who wants to get in-depth information about world events. It contains a large amount of information, but it doesn’t feel overloaded. You can see the news as they appear on the original source, but you don’t need to leave the app as a separate frame opens within Track180.

The news featured in Track180 are organized in different categories including Rights, Environment, Business and Goverment. You can discover the issues that are are causing an impact around the world and in your own region. The stories are presented in such a way that you can easily access related content.


Track180 is a great app to find curated content from diverse sources and to explore a wide selection of information available online, without feeling overwhelmed. It offers high quality design and the possibility of seeing more than just one side of the story. People who regularly read news and who want to get a serious amount of content definitely need to give it a try. It is available for free.  

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