8 Traits HRs Seek in Candidates

Traditionally, a brilliant education, work experience, and an impressive portfolio could guarantee that a candidate could land a job. However, nowadays recruiters pay more attention to the soft skills of a potential employee. Some recruiting firms admit that they make them a priority. Why? Without the necessary traits, you simply will not be able to use your competencies and hard skills effectively.

So, we have collected 8 key skills of the perfect candidate from a recruiter’s point of view. Read on to find out what the hiring manager is looking for.

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Сommunication Skills

No doubt, an employee who can listen to others and share their thoughts clearly is valuable to all employers. Not only the ability to explain some operational issues is in demand, but also friendly communication with colleagues – basically, the team spirit greatly depends on it. 

Communication is important even for those employees whose job responsibilities don’t involve direct interactions with clients. After all, an open-minded applicant makes a good first impression. Such an employee understands the goals and objectives of the company better and is also able to avoid conflicts.

Often professionals cannot assert themselves. At first glance, an employee may know their job very well, but cannot negotiate and make contacts. That’s how weak communication skills look in practice.

Team Work

The ability to work in a team is becoming more and more in demand in the labor market. Basically, an employee is always hired to work in a specific team. The processes and projects become more complex, so the capacity of specialists from different fields to interact with each other is necessary to achieve results. 

For employees to truly hear each other, they must have empathy. 

A productive team is characterized by the following points:

  • Mutual respect of employees and willingness to compromise;
  • Every employee has the right to express their opinion, which will be accepted with the support of most people;
  • Transfer of experience – you can teach someone and get knowledge from others;
  • Constructive criticism – if you are being criticized objectively, then it is worth listening to the comments.

Communication and teamwork have a crucial impact on productivity. Working alone, an employee can spend a lot of time and effort, but ultimately fail to solve the problem. However, by turning to colleagues for help, you can quickly figure it out or choose the right direction.

Analytical Mindset and Ingenuity

CEOs want to see the real results of their employees’ work. At the same time, they want you to achieve the goal with maximum efficiency. This requires you to analyze risks and opportunities and be innovative. By the way, during an interview, job seekers are often asked to find a solution to a real business problem that the company faces at this very moment. 

An employer may also be willing to find out how you will think in case of force majeure and whether you can deal with it alone. So think carefully about what you will do and what details you will take into account.


These days, recruiters look for enthusiastic and driven employees. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson advises hiring adventurers since they inspire others. According to him, most of his best employees initially seemed completely wild to him.

“We are looking for people who are passionate about something. While interviewing candidates, we want to see that they are ready to take the initiative”, – says Mark Zuckerberg about the recruiting policy of Facebook.

Some employees are very enthusiastic about their tasks and look forward to getting new ones. At the same time, others heave a sigh when they are assigned a new piece of work. Which type are you?

Time Management

According to an unofficial study, employees spend up to 50 minutes a day on coffee, cigarettes, social media, and small talk. 

In the modern era of multitasking, it is very difficult to prioritize and focus on the essentials. Of course, the company is interested in the employee who has enough time to complete as many tasks as possible. Some recruiters claim that the ability to organize oneself and one’s time is a skill that is more important than leadership qualities or emotional intelligence. 

Start by using a digital organizer – this will help you identify where you are spending your time. There are many apps available for planning (Any.do, Todoist, Wunderlist), but paper and a pen can be helpful as well.


The ability to adapt quickly is a necessary skill that takes on key importance during the lockdown. So, recruiters search for candidates who are ready to change their strategy depending on the situation and learn new things quickly. 

Flexibility also allows you to find a common language with new employees and see change as an opportunity for development, not a problem.

You can demonstrate your flexibility by mentioning that you’ve combined work and study or have freelance experience.

Attention to Details

It is no secret that even the smallest mistake can affect the result of the work. When you control everything, be it a number in a report or a well-formulated phrase in business correspondence, you also demonstrate qualities like diligence and responsibility. Be Careful when writing your CV, e.g. Typos or mistakes on a marketing associate resume wouldn’t bode well for employment.

Willingness to Learn and Grow

During your first time in the company, it is helpful to learn from a mentor (or buddy) and ask more experienced colleagues for advice. You can also invest in your career by taking training courses or reading professional literature – this way, you will open up new horizons for yourself.

Final Thoughts

The labor market has always been changeable. However, over the past year, it has transformed even more, turning upside down – many companies are reducing the number of their staff.

Therefore, the number of job seekers is many times greater than the number of job openings. How to stand out in the crowd of job applicants and get more interviews? The best way to do that is to develop your traits. What you need is regular practice combined with a little theory, a lot of effort, and a commitment to self-development.

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