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Transfer books from Android to iOS — and vice versa

It’s not uncommon to find customers who decide to switch from Android to iOS, as these two operating systems are the most common and most popular (Android is the most popular platform in the world). At the same time, we’re aware that a large number of customers just don’t know what to do in transferring their content. When it comes to your digital e-books, you want to maintain the experience you’ve had with Android when you switch to iOS and pick up your first iPhone.

To transfer books from Android to iOS, you need only two apps: 1) Google Play Books and 2) Amazon Kindle.

Transfer books from Android to iOS via Google Play Books

transfer books from Android to iOS

As an Android user, you’ve been exposed to Google and all its services that the search engine giant offers for free on Android. When you switch from Android to iOS with a new iPhone, you may assume that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS don’t play so nicely — but, fortunately, you’d be wrong. Google offers its own Google Play Books app on iOS at the App Store. To transfer your books from Android to iOS, you need only 1) download the Google Play Books app from the App Store, and 2) log in with your Gmail username and password.

If you transfer books from iOS to Android, you’ll need to make sure you use Google Play Books and download it on iOS before transferring back over — and ensure you have a Gmail account. Google mandates a Gmail account to do anything in Android, and you’ll need it to log into your Play Books account and make the transition.

Transfer Books from Android to iOS via Amazon Kindle

transfer books from Android to iOS

Amazon has its favorite Amazon Kindle app that lets you download hundreds of digital e-books that matter most to you. When you transfer books from Android to iOS, you can take Amazon’s Kindle app with you! Amazon Kindle is, like Google in many ways, OS-agnostic, which makes it convenient for customers who don’t want to worry with Apple’s services when they’ve enjoyed cross-platform services for so long. If you use Amazon’s Kindle app on iOS, you won’t need to do anything except download the app on Android and log in with your username and password.

Have you learned how to transfer books from Android to iOS? Would you like to see more tech tips along these lines? If so, let us know.

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