Transfer from iPhone to Android with Nougat

Android Nougat is said to bring all sorts of new goodies: background updating with major Android updates, split-screen mode, a deeper Doze Mode, Data Saver, file encryption, and so on, but Google is also looking to win over more iPhone users by bringing an easier way to transfer from iPhone to Android with Android Nougat.

The easy process provides the option at setup and installation, with users now having an option under “Bring your data from…” that says “an iPhone or iPad device.” When you select the iPhone option, to complete the transfer from iPhone to Android, you’ll have to visit a URL ( to transfer all the photos, music, email, apps, etc., you desire. Importing contacts in your transfer from iPhone to Android, though, may take a while, involving a 5-step process (exporting iCloud to vCard, then Gmail).

Google is to be applauded for this step, and a large part of it pertains to Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and now Galaxy Note 7 that have swept the market for 2016. With all the publicity Samsung’s devices have generated from tech reviewers, journalists, and everyday consumers alike, Google wants to provide an easier transition process so that those consumers do not remain with iOS in order to keep the data that matters to them. I’ve often wished that Google would allow consumers to upload and save music tracks from their iPhone or iPad to Google Play Music, then let them pick up an Android device and access all their music from Google Play Music, but Google has continued to make it hard to do. Hopefully, the new process will make some things easier.

The best way to prepare to transfer from iPhone to Android is to make sure that you have a Gmail account and have downloaded and used the Google Photos app. After all, if you’re already saving your content via Google Photos (cloud storage that, by the way, is unlimited for Full HD resolution photos and below), you need not worry about transferring your pics. Like the source below, I’d like to see Google come up with an app similar to Samsung’s Smart Switch or Apple’s very own “Move to iOS” so that the process would become even easier.


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