Twitter launches group direct messages and Video sharing

Twitter is adding two new features to its social media platform which includes group messages and 30 second videos. With these new features, Twitter users will be able to send direct messages to a group of people and will also be able to post a 30 second video.

Twitter has been working hard to refine and expand its features in order to attract more users. They’ve lost a lot of their user base to the rivals Facebook and Instagram. A few days ago, Twitter sent a direct message to few users suggesting they post photos directly on Twitter rather than posting them via Instagram. This showed how desperate Twitter is to get the users attention.

Twitter first announced in November that it is going to introduce a new way for people to privately send messages not only to individuals but to groups as well. It also said that it will introduce a video sharing feature too (like the one on Instagram) that will allow users to record video of up to 30 seconds using the Twitter app. Video editing features like cutting and arranging the clip are already included in the official Twitter app. However, Twitter said that Android users won’t be able to select from pre recorded videos for sometime as they are still working on this feature.

Starting today both of these features are available on almost all devices including iOS and Android. Many critics doubt Twitter’s ability to increase its users and also attract advertisers to it. Twitter stock has already been reduced by more than 35% over the past year as investors showed lack of trust over Twitter user growth. Still, the introduction of these new features will surely attract new users and hopefully Twitter’s user base will see some sort of growth in the coming days.

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