Twitter launches its live-streaming video service app Periscope for iOS

Twitter has officially launched the live-streaming app called Periscope for iOS. The live-streaming video service was acquired by Twitter in January this year and since then Twitter was working on developing and launching an iOS version of the app. The goal of Twitter is to target the audience of the popular streaming app called Meerkat which allows similar live-streaming capabilities to its users via an iOS device.

Periscope let users to sync their Twitter accounts with it and live-stream their video which will be broadcasted over the platform and can be accessed by anyone. There is a live feeds list shown at the app’s homepage to show the user which live streams are currently running. Users can also follow specific people just like they follow other users on Twitter.

A very unique feature that will put Periscope miles ahead of its competitor Meerkat is the ability to see the stream after it ends. Users can see any stream again within 24 hours of its ending. But, broadcasters who will broadcast the stream also have the option to enable or disable this feature for their users. This feature allow users to browse through feed to watch old streams if they have missed it for one reason or another.

While watching the live streaming, users can chat live with the broadcaster if they allow it and can also send heart shaped icons by tapping on the stream as a sign to the broadcaster that they are watching their stream.

Twitter still hasn’t announce when the Android version of Periscope will come but now that they have launched it on the iOS, it won’t take long before it comes to android.

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