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Uber changed the game in terms of transportation and it is trusted by users from around the world. Although Uber is highly popular, it is not the only solution of its kind. There are other ride-hailing apps that help users to get to their destination in a convenient way. It is possible to find this kind of services in many countries, meaning that users don’t have to rely only on traditional taxis. With apps like Uber, you can arrange a ride from anywhere you are to wherever you need to go to. These services give users flexibility to travel and in many cases, they offer better prices than regular taxis. However Uber has been involved in some controversy and it has raised concerns about fair competition. In addition, there have been some incidents in which the safety of drivers and customers has been at risk. As a result, Uber is not available in some locations. If you can’t use Uber in your city, or if you prefer to go for a different option, you can consider the below alternatives.

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi offers safety and efficiency for millions of customers in Latin America. Its extensive taxi fleet provides and easy and safe solution and the app’s features include a destination fare calculator and it also gives you the possibility of seeing the estimated arrival time of your driver. Their drivers are screened and trained to meet high standards of service and to ensure that the quality that Easy Taxi strives for is maintained at all times. Easy Taxi is available in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica and Ecuador.


If you are in the United States, Lyft is an option that gives you fantastic global coverage and it is designed to make your journeys safer and easier. Lyft pays special attention to safety and all the drivers that work with the service have to pass Background, criminal and DMV checks. The interface of the service offers good quality and it is very easy to use. In terms of safety, Lyft is considered by many as a better option than Uber and the service offer different solutions to suit customers’ needs. It is also known for its efficiency.

Hailo – myTaxi

Previously known as Hailo, myTaxi is another good alternative to Uber. Originally, the app allowed users to hire privately owned cars. However, following protest from taxi unions, the service is now focused on helping users to book traditional cabs. Hailo started in the UK, but after joining forces with German e-hailing company myTaxi, the service aims to provide a leading solution for customers across Europe and it also serve locations around the world. myTaxi is available in a large selection of cities including Madrid, Munich, Dublin, Barcelona, London and Krakow. The service is reliable and easy to use.


GrabTaxi is an excellent choice for customers in Southeast Asia. With millions of downloads and a high percentage of positive reviews, GrabTaxi is set to offer you a safe and comfortable experience. The app allows you to keep track of your ride and since drivers are pre-screened, you can book a taxi with peace of mind. GrabTaxi is available in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.


Operating in United States, Israel, Russia and United Kingdom, Gett is a service that is getting a lot of attention thanks to its convenient pricing. Gett regularly runs fantastic promotions that allow users to save money when they book a ride in large cities like New York, Moscow. Tel Aviv and London. Users can easily access information about their drivers, as well as estimated arrival times. It is possible to book your ride with up to 2 weeks in advance. Gett strives to offer fair conditions to drivers, as well as top service for their customers.

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is a popular solution for customers in India and it has an extensive fleet of vehicles that serve over 100 cities across the country. Ola Cabs ensures that its drivers and vehicles are compliant with high standards of safety and comfort, ensuring that customers enjoy the bets experience. The app’s interface displays your location, as well as information about the status of the ride. Ola Cabs supports multiple platforms.


France is one of the countries where Uber has faced suspensions, but luckily, there are other options for customers who want to a fast and reliable ride-hailing app. LeCab focuses on offering convenience and affordability for all your trips and transportation needs in over 20 cities in France. With LeCab it is even possible to rent a private jet through their partnership with PrivateFly. LeCab has an extensive flee of vehicles and the app has an innovative design and it is easy to use. When you book a taxi, you can expect it to arrive within 7 minutes.


GoCatch is Australia’s leading taxi-hailing app and it stands out by offering the same fare as the one provided by the meter reading on the taxi. Instead of charging the usual 10% surcharge applied in Australia when you pay with a credit card, GoCatch only charges 5%. Apart from offering a better price, GoCatch allows you to book rides in advance and to keep track of your ride. All drivers have to provide their photo ID and pass checks to ensure that they can offer the safest experience for their customers.


Prague is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, but getting a taxi can be a challenge. Liftago is designed to make things easier for tourists and locals, offering an efficient, reliable solution to get a taxi fast and for a fair price. Users can select their driver, the kind of car they want and even see an estimated price. At the end of the ride, you can score your experience and drivers have to meet high scores to be able to offer their services. The ratings help you to choose your driver with confidence and Liftago gives you control over your journey.

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