Unofficial Minecraft Convention Vanishes with Fans’ Money

A sad story from the world of gaming where a bunch of Minecraft fans have apparently been duped by promoters for “Mineorama” an unofficial fan convention for the popular computer game Minecraft.  It seems that the convention was slated to take place mid-July but was mysteriously cancelled at the last second.  The worst part is that many of the fans have already purchased advanced tickets; money the promoters are saying will not be returned just yet.  More than $500,000 dollars has already been spent on advanced tickets and fans are obviously extremely unhappy that no refunds will be issued and are coming to terms with the fact that they may very well have been scammed. The promoters however are insisting that Mineorama is “Not a scam” and that the event will eventually be rescheduled.

The whole situation took an uneasy turn for the worse when organizers announced “with deep regret” that the event would have to be postponed.  Furthermore, they said no refunds would be issued while also saying that they were, “sincerely attempting to make this right,” in the same breath. In case you weren’t totally convinced yet, the Mineorama website was suspended by their hosting company while the Twitter account was supposedly taken over by a 16 year old by according to the organizers.  The final nail in the coffin surely came from Mineorama “Executive Producer” Lou Gasco who tweeted on July 8th that he all questions would be answered during an upcoming livestream on Twitch. The twitter account has since gone silent and the livestream, of course, never happened.

While we’d like to hold out hope for the people that gave money in this whole affair, the fact is; every sign unfortunately points to this being a scam.

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