US Cellular joins Google’s Project Fi

Google started Project Fi as a way to create its own network, due to the “red tape” associated with getting its Nexus smartphone line to operate on US carriers such as Verizon. Of all the top 5 US carriers, Verizon has been the most difficult (in Google’s plan, at least) when it comes to registering its devices and getting them available quickly for diehard Nexus fans. Project Fi was created to eliminate the hurdles and obstacles. So far so good, but customers on the network have been restricted to T-Mobile and Sprint, so far.

This week, the search engine giant was all too proud to add a third partner to Project Fi:

Today, we’re excited to introduce U.S. Cellular as our newest partner network.
U.S. Cellular, one of the top mobile networks in the U.S., offers service in 23 states with 4G LTE coverage for more than 99% of their subscribers, both urban and rural. With the addition of a third network, Project Fi now gives you more coverage and speed, helping you stay connected wherever you are.
US Cellular is a regional carrier that works in 23 states in the US, providing local 4G LTE support for those who are fortunate enough to live within proximity. Fortunately, for Project Fi users, those that can’t access Sprint and T-Mobile networks very well in their particular area will be blessed with the ability to access US Cellular’s network now in their local area as well as on the go, should they find themselves with less-than-stellar access to their usual MVNO.
Google’s Project Fi allows consumers access to cellular data when they need it for affordable pricing. Google discounted the price of the Nexus 5X in a recent deal that was given to newcomers joining the service for the first time. Apart from discounts on Nexus phones as a perk to join Project Fi, Google also allows consumers to rollover their data, with consumers receiving a credit for the money and data they do not consume during the previous month that can be used the following month.
US Cellular’s agreement and partnership with Project Fi is a wise move for a regional carrier who can’t afford to miss customers it could scoop up with such a program. As can be seen, Google has created Project Fi as an alternative to wireless giants AT&T and Verizon, and US Cellular service joining ranks is nothing short of a win for the search engine giant. With the addition of other phones apart from Google’s own Nexus line, Project Fi could be an even bigger disrupter in the mobile space than first believed.

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