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How to Use Telegram without Phone Number or SIM

A messaging app, Telegram has been continuously gaining popularity all over the world. It has a feature that allows its users the option to keep their identity anonymous. What is more amazing about this messaging app aside from its encryption and security function is it also allows its users to use the app even without mobile phone number. How? Through this article, we shall provide you a guide on different ways and methods on how to use telegram without having to use a mobile number. 

Sign Up for Telegram Account Without Phone Number 

One of the requirements of Telegram, like WhatsApp and Google Voice is a phone number. This would be asked as soon as you sign up for their services. The reason why this is being asked by most messaging apps is so that they could prevent spams and fake accounts being created.  Though this reason is valid and has a good intention, it could also cause inconvenience to some real users who would not want to show nor provide their phone numbers for privacy and security reasons. 

Moreover, there are users who may want to use Telegram on their spare device and does not want the hassle of getting another SIM card. 

Here are some methods or ways you could hide your phone number: 

Take note, however, Telegram gives its users the option to hide phone number and use a username instead of your number for chatting purposes. 

Method 1 – Get Telegram Using TextNow App

This method is the easiest. All you have to do is download, install and sign up for your Telegram Account using the app called TextNow. 

TextNow is an app that provides free Us and Canada based phone numbers which you could use for verifying your Telegram Account instead of your real mobile number. 

Here are the steps on how to use TextNow. 

  • Download TextNow App through Google Play Store for Android Phone users and App Store for iPhone users. You could also download this app from Windows Store as well. 
  • Follow the instructions provided by TextNow. 
  • TextNow will ask you to select Free Number. Ensure that you take note of this number as you will have to provide this number to Telegram. 
  • If you have forgotten the number, tap 3-line icon and you will see TextNow Phone number. If you are using windows, just go to people tab and you will find your number there.
  • Download Telegram app from Google Play Store on your Android Phone or Apps Store if you are using iPhone. 
  • Open your telegram app 
  • Tap Start Messaging 
  • Get Telegram verification code 
  • Select same country as your TextNow Phone Number
  • Enter your TextNow phone number and tap next
  • Telegram will provide you a verification code 
  • Open TextNow and you will find your verification code coming from Telegram. 
  • If you do not find any verification code, wait for Telegram to call your TextNow Number. 
  • Enter your verification code to Telegram and you are good to go.  

Method 2 – Verify Telegram Using Landline Number 

  • Open your Telegram app
  • Select your country
  • Enter your Landline Phone Number
  • Wait for about two minutes for Telegram to call you at your landline number.
  • You will get an automated voice stating your verification code. Take note of the verification code. 
  • Enter the verification code to Telegram. You could also enter your name and profile picture to complete your Telegram profile.

Other Methods to Verify Telegram without Phone Number 

If the methods provided above did not work for you, do not worry as there are more other ways which you could try. 

Use Google Voice – if you are in the US, you could use Google Voice. It provides you free number which you could use to verify your Telegram account. 

Use a friend or family member’s phone – As soon as you have completed the verification process, create a username for chatting instead of using your friend’s or family member’s number. 

 Get a Burner SIM – Get a temporary SIM card and use it as a temporary number for verifying Telegram.

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