Verizon Rollover Unlimited Data arrive this week

Verizon rollover unlimited data plans seem like a pipe dream for current customers who’ve longed for the days of unlimited data to arrive, but the carrier is now preparing to bring rollover data and unlimited data to its current subscribers (and new ones, too).

Though Big Red has yet to announce its plans, the company has told close sources to look forward to Tuesday, July 6th, when the largest and most reliable US carrier will announce its Verizon rollover unlimited data plans for its customer base. According to what we know, Verizon rollover data will apply for all customers, giving them the right to transfer their data over for at least one month, though Big Red could announce that rollover data will occur for more than 1 month. As for unlimited data, Verizon will do something called data throttling that will slow down data speeds after the individual reaches his or her GB data limit. We don’t know if that will involve devices with 4G data speeds slowing down to 2G EDGE as T-Mobile has done, but we’re hoping that Verizon will slow speeds to nothing below 3G data. 2G EDGE data is practically unusable and wouldn’t help the situation. If Verizon slows data speeds to 3G data, of course, then users will encounter either 3G data, 2G EDGE, or 1X — depending on where they are geographically or where they travel.

The Verizon rollover unlimited data plans also bring some changes in current data plans that are designed to provide more data (though they also bring more expensive pricing, too). For example, those who are on the S (small) plan will receive 2GB of additional data each month now for a total of 4GB — though they’ll pay $5 more a month and their monthly fee for data will rise from $35 to $40. Medium (M) and Large (L) data customers will also have to pay $5 a month to take advantage of the new rollover unlimited data plans. If you’re a customer who has an XL (12GB) or XXL plan, you’ll receive more data per month with a $10 higher data cost. If you’ve been a customer on the XL plan that provides 12GB for $80, you’ll see your 4G data rise from 12GB to 16GB monthly but you’ll now pay $90 a month instead of the old $80. XXL customers who’ve lived off 20GB a month will now see 24GB a month but will pay an additional $10 (with the plan increasing from $100 to $110).

Verizon rollover unlimited data plans will help customers who’ve been longing to see Big Red bring more data to its plans with more competitive pricing. T-Mobile is responsible for this, as the nation’s UNcarrier has helped bring about major changes for the wireless industry and its customer base as a whole.


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