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How to view Facebook Stories on Desktop and save any Facebook Story to your computer

Thanks to Facebook Stories, it is possible to share temporary videos and photos with other Facebook users. The story can be seen by any of your Facebook friends and they can comment on it. The feature is very simple and it is a convenient way to keep your friends and family updated when you are on holidays or want to share a special occasion with them. Previously, it was only possible to see Facebook Stories on the Facebook mobile app. However, it is now available on the desktop version and there is a Chrome extension called “FB Story for Google Chrome”, which allows you not only to see the Stories, but also to save them to your computer.

With this convenient extension, Chrome users can see Facebook Stories on your desktop. In addition, it is possible to see how many people have seen your story or the stories posted by your friends. It works in the same way when you watch Facebook Stories on Android or iPhone, but the difference is that it is not possible to post comments when you use the extension. Apart from that, the extension works very well when it comes to seeing Facebook Stories on desktop.

Although now it is possible to see Facebook Stories on your desktop without using an extension, some people may still want to use it to save the stories. If not, you can simply access your Facebook feed and see the list of FB stories on the right side. You just need to click on a story to start playing it. It is also possible to right-click to save an image the appears in the Facebook story, but you can’t download the story as a video to play it at a later stage. This feature may be added soon, after all, the option to see FB stories in the desktop version was only launched recently.

How to view and save Facebook Stories on Desktop

Now that is possible to view Facebook Stories on Desktop, a dedicated Chrome extension is not needed for that purpose. However, you can use the Save to Facebook extension, which allows you to save anything to Facebook. You can save content that you find online and get back to it later. Others won’t see what you save, unless you share the content. That extension is found here:

If you want to use the Facebook Story extension for Google Chrome, you can go to
With this extension, when you log into your Facebook account, you will see the Facebook Stories on the top of the Feed section. You can see a specific story by tapping on it. The FB story will appear there or it will play in gallery mode. On the left side, you will see the total amount of views for that story and also will see people who have seen the story. You can use Esc key to close a story.

It is also possible to download Facebook Stories to your computer, but only one FB story can be saved at a time. To download a FB story, you can right click on a FB story that appears in Feed and then select Download. Otherwise, you can check the help of extension icon. Click the icon of this extension and a pop-up will open and you will see the Facebook Stories available. You will see a download icon for each story.

That is all. You can use that icon to save any Facebook story to your computer. The story is then downloaded in a zip archive. You need to extract the zip file using 7zip, WinRAR or any other tool that you prefer. You will be able to download a FB story and watch it later or share it with your friends. The stories can be accessed and watched at a later stage on desktop in your Facebook account.

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