Vsenn – A company with a competitor modular phone

It’s been a while since Google launched their Project Ara which has been catching a lot of attention due to its customizable hardware. There were no competitors of Project Ara till now but looks like a new competitor has emerged in the shape of a new company called Vsenn. There isn’t much to the company yet but Vsenn does have a landing page which says that the company is founded by Nokia’s X Product Manager while their plan is to make modular smartphones.

Vsenn will be competing against Google but does not offer as much freedom as Google is with their Ara Project as the customization in the Vsenn made modular smartphone will be limited. This means that only a few hardware parts are swappable and can be upgraded including processor, camera, battery and RAM. Vsenn modular smartphone will be running stock Google Android and will come with a guarantee that the phone will be updated to the latest version of Android till the next 4 years, though there were no details on whether the phone will also have support for Google Play Services or Google Apps.

There is no word on when the company will launch their modular smartphone and what the pricing of the smartphone would be but it’s interesting to see a private company introducing a modular smartphone with limited customization options while Google Project Ara offers full customization though the smartphone is still having a lot of problems and is still in work and development.

We might also see other companies join in the fight in some time maybe when Google will officially launch their modular smartphone. Modular smartphone concept is pretty exciting and worth it, if Google was able to come up with a fully working smartphone. What do you think about Vsenn?


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