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5 Good Ways to Create & Send Free Invoices in Minutes

If you are still relying on the old offline ways to create invoices, you must endure some difficulties. You have to create a new invoice every time, and the pain of structuring it every time is always there.

These days, we have online invoice generators that enable you to do quick invoicing and alert your clients in minutes. That means that all you need is a web browser as opposed to downloading software.

The online sources now possess ready-made templates that still follow the invoice customs. They are also customizable depending on the abilities embedded on the website. Let’s see the five good ways that you can use to create and send free invoices.

WeInvoice Free Invoice Creator

Invoices have to follow some accepted formalities that are either in line with the law or the business customs. WeInvoice understands this, and that is why it’s possible to create an invoice here that conforms to your wants.

It’s a web-based platform that demands nothing else apart from the web browser. Therefore, you can use it via any internet-enabled device. With WeInvoice, you can create a template with the business color, logo and include all the charged services.

It’s, therefore, an intuitive website that also gives you a chance to get the invoice in your preferred format. Invoice creation can be done via the invoice generator page or by choosing one of the templates provided.

When you use the invoice generator, you get a blank template with fields to add information. The fields are removable if you don’t need some of the parts. You can include everything you need there, and that’s all you need to think about.

Having a ready-made template online allows you to concentrate on what should be on the invoice instead of how the invoice should look. With the advantage of changing the color, nothing is stopping you from creating an invoice that includes all the business aspects and services to be charged.

Once you fill it in, it’s possible to send the invoice to your client via WeInvoice, send via email, or download in the favored format. The site has the Doc, Docx, PDF, Excel, and Google sheet formats. You can therefore work with the invoices offline or online.

Apart from instant sending, WeInvoice can also help you schedule the sending. So, you don’t have to wait until the right time to alert a client. The invoice can be filled and left with WeInvoice to avail to the client on the right date.

You get an alert every time the client views the invoice. That’s the beauty of using this website to create and send the invoices.

Once you load the WeInvoice website for invoice creation, you will also realize the following:

It’s Cheap to Create the Invoice

With WeInvoice, there are no software downloads. The only thing you use is the internet to load the website and its components. You also get a trial period to test everything on the website, which includes storing your invoices online.

After that, it’s only $5 per year to get your invoices done in the most fashionable yet professional way.

You Can Alert Multiple Clients Easily

WeInvoice has a way to remember the details you entered last time. That means you don’t have to repeat your business information if you are dealing with many clients. Also, if you want to invoice them at different times, all you need is to insert the date to send.

After that, you can wait for the automation process to take the wheel.

It’s Easier to Track Your Financial Activity

WeInvoice can also store your invoices. It uses a multi-layer protection protocol to keep your details secure, and you can always see all the invoices you sent. That helps you to see how you have been earning and if anything is missing.

More Payment Options Acceptable

Once you create the invoice, it’s possible to include your preferred method of payment. Multiple cards are acceptable, and that’s the beauty of using WeInvoice.

Free Invoice Generator

This web-based platform also has a template that will help you create the invoice and send it. If you need to download it, the option is there, but it’s only as a PDF. The website can remember what you entered last time, but it uses your browser to store the information instead of cloud storage.

By having a template to fill and send, the process of invoice creation is easy. The only problem is that there are no multiple formats to utilize.

Zoho Online

Zoho is a major company that creates web-based software for office use. That includes an online invoice generator which differs from having their app for invoice creation and download. The web version can aid in adding the necessary details since every field is editable.

You can use Zoho to send too, download or print. For the downloading part, the option is only in PDF.


Do you have a PayPal account? If not, then you have probably heard of it. It’s another web-based platform with an app, and it can create invoices, among other capabilities. PayPal also allows you to enter everything from the business logo to the footnotes.

Sending is done once you save the invoice, but there are other options too. Downloads have the PDF format ready, but you can also share the invoice’s link. It’s free to create the invoice with PayPal.

The platform, however, charges a fee once you get paid.

Invoice Ninja

Creating and sending is also possible with Invoice Ninja. There are places to edit the invoice, and you can also perform the calculations. Once you fill it in, it’s possible to preview the invoice in the form of a PDF.

The forms of payment that you can integrate on the website include PayPal. Just like most invoicing websites, the download option will give you the PDF format only.


With the above sites, you can create and send invoices to your clients using minimal tools and time. You can start creating using WeInvoice since it has more ways to custom the template, and you can get it in different formats.

It’s also possible to change the currency and the language too. It’s, therefore, an invoice-generating website that addresses what the current world needs.

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