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Ways to Fix Roomba Error 14 in Seconds

Cleaning your house has never been easy until Roomba has been developed. Roomba is a smart vacuum cleaner which all you have to do is just set a cleaning schedule and ensure that its home base is plugged and your Roomba is ready to roll.

Having a Roomba as a cleaning partner is very convenient. However, just like any other technology, sometimes it encounters errors. One of the errors of Roomba that you might experience is the Error 14.

If you encounter the error 14, do not worry nor panic as through this article, we shall provide you a guide and useful information about Roomba’s error 14. We would also provide you methods of how to solve the mentioned error.

What Does It Mean When Roomba Displays Error 14?

When you encounter Roomba Error 14, for sure you would wonder what it means. Through this article, we shall look into this.

Roomba Error 14 means that your Roomba is not able to detect an installed bin. This could happen due to the sensors, bin and filters getting too dirty. Another reason as to why you are getting error 14 is due to the software of Roomba being corrupted. Moreover, it could also be that the dustbin is not properly and firmly placed or it could have damages. Lastly, error 14 could also mean that your Roomba’s battery is low.

Causes and Ways to Fix Roomba Error 14

Sensors, Filters and Bins are Dirty

When dealing with any type of technology, you will have to ensure that you do not neglect them. You must ensure that you maintain and take very good care of them. The Roomba is not an exception to this.

Roomba does all of the dirty work for you by getting around and getting rid of all the dust and dirt of your home. It could even reach those hard to reach areas of your home. This means, you will also have to clean and maintain it for you to be able to get the maximum benefits of having a Roomba.

Roomba comes with three sensitive parts:

  • Sensors
  • Filters
  • Bin

It also has three types of sensors:

  • Full bin sensors – this sensor would alert you when your bin needs to be cleaned.
  • Cliff sensors -this sensor is responsible for detecting the changes of your floor’s level like staircases, steps and ledges. This sensor would help your Roomba to stop or swerve so that it would not fall.
  • Floor tracking sensors – is the sensor that is responsible for getting and recognizing the data of your room. This means, this is the sensor which recognizes the location of your walls and furniture.

When it comes to error 14, the full bin sensors have a huge and important role. As mentioned earlier, the full bin sensors are responsible for sensing the installed bin. This means that when it gets too dirty or the bin cannot be detected, it will not function well.

Another important part is the filter. The filter has the ability to sift the dust collected into smaller particles which would then go into the bin. There is also a possibility where dust, wool and bigger objects could also accumulate there which then could end up on other parts of the device.

Since the bin is the part which catches everything that passes through the filter, we could say that this part is the dirtiest part.

How Often Should You Clean the Sensors, Filters and Bin?

You should clean the floor tracking sensors and cliff sensors once a month. While the bin sensors should be cleaned every 2 weeks.

If you are using your Roomba everyday, you will have to clean the filter once a week. If you have furry pets, it is better to clean your filter twice a week and replace it every two months.

Ensure that you empty the bin after cleaning. Ensure that you wipe it too.

What is the Safest Way to Clean These Parts?

  • Have a microfiber cloth and ensure that it is clean before using it.
  • Flip over you Roomba
  • Locate its sensors. Keep in mind that each model could differ from one to another. Some sensors could be found under the device. To ensure where to find the sensors, it is best that you check your Roomba’s manual.
  • Wipe the sensors gently with your microfiber cloth.
  • Disassemble the bin unit
  • Clean the fan with the use of Q-tip. You could use this too to reach smaller corners
  • Clean the filter by pressing the release button found on top of your Roomba.
  • Slide the bin out
  • Empty the bin
  • Press the yellow lever
  • The filter is often colored blue
  • Push the tabs on each side
  • Pull the filter out
  • Tap the filter inside your garbage can
  • Repeat until clean
  • Slide back
  • Do not clean your filter with water
  • Clean it through the use of a paper towel
  • Clean the bin with warm water
  • Put everything back

The Firmware is Corrupted

Another possibility as to why you are experiencing error 14 is due to software bugs which could lead to your Roomba to malfunction. This could mean that you might have to de-load and have your Roomba take a break and start all over again.

Keep in mind that if your software starts to lag, the other parts will be affected too and will not do their own jobs.

To resolve this, you will have to do the following:

  • Reset the device
  • Restart the device
  • Reinstall the battery

How to Restart my Rooba?

This would depend on the model that you have.

I Series and S Series Roomba

  • Press Clean button for 20 seconds
  • Once you see the white light around the button spin clockwise, release the button
  • Wait for the light to turn off

700, 800 and 900 Series Roomba

  • Press clean button for 10 seconds
  • Release when it beeps

How to Reset Roomba

When you do a factory reset, it will delete all custom settings, maps and schedules. Before doing this, ensure that you have taken note of all your data. Also, make sure that your Roomba is connected to your iRobot Home app.

  • Open iRobot Home app
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Confirm the prompt

If this does not work, do the following:

  • Open the app
  • Disable the edge clean mode found in the cleaning preferences option.

How to Reinstall the Battery

  • Completely turn off the Roomba
  • Turn over your Roomba
  • With the use of a screwdriver, loosen the screws including the spinning brush
  • Remove the bottom cover
  • Lift the two tabs of the battery
  • Wait for 15 seconds and reinstall the battery
  • Close the cover and put the battery back
  • Close the cove and re-screw it back
  • Turn on your device and the error should be resolved.

The Dustbin Is Not Placed Firmly

  • Press the release button
  • Take the dustbin out
  • Put it back
  • Ensure that it is closed properly
  • Press the bin’s sides down

The Dustbin is Damaged

Check your dustbin if it has cracks, scratches and dents. Or if it has a significant damage like the shape has changed or there are broken pieces. If this is the case, you will then have to get a new one. Ensure that you follow the steps in removing the dustbin. Also, keep in mind that you buy a dustbin from a trusted store.

Scratches which are surface level should not affect the performance of your Roomba.

Battery is Dying

Sometimes, we tend to forget our smart Roomba until it stops working. This could mean that the battery is weak which could be a cause of it crashing.

How to Charge Roomba

Once you have seen the red light flashing on your Roomba, it is time to charge it as this only means one thing and that is that the battery is running out and is about to be drained.

Take note that your Roomba’s home base should always be plugged in.

Two Ways to Charge Your Roomba

  • Using home base
  • Using power supply

The home base is usually where your Roomba goes to after cleaning or when its battery is slow.

You could also charge your Roomba by plugging into a wall socket.

Do not wait for days before you recharge your Roomba. This could damage the battery of your Roomba. If you see a amber red pulse light, this means your Roomba already needs charging. If the light is solid green, this means it is full.

You would need a 16 hour refresh charge when your Roomba has been away from the Home Base for a very long time. Roomba will start itself when the battery is refreshed.

Can Roomba’s Battery be Changed?

The lifespan of Roomba’s battery is about 2 to 6 years but of course this would depend on how much TLC you give it. It is time to consider to get a new battery when:

  • It does not charge
  • Quickly drains in less than two hours
  • The maximum age is 6 years

Ensure that you purchase batteries from a trusted manufacturer.


Should I charge my Roomba after every cleaning?

Once the flashing red light appears, then, it is time to charge it.

Is Roomba waterproof? Could it clean spills?

No, unfortunately, the Roomba is not waterproof. It could only clean dust, dirt and other solid materials.

Can I still use my Roomba without WiFi?

Press the clean button and you are good to go. However, if you want to use scheduled cleaning time option, you will need WiFi.

Does Roomba have a warranty?

Yes, it has a one year warranty.

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