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Top 5 Ways to Spy Someone’s Apps on iPhone

There could be many reasons for you to spy on someone else’s phone. You might wanna watch what your kids are doing on their phones, or how your employees are utilizing the devices provided to them by your company. 

Whatever be your case, if you get started with location tracker, here we are with the top 5 ways to spy someone’s apps on iPhone to help you out. Before you jump to the article, let me remind you that spying on someone’s phone without their permission is unethical and can put you in trouble. 

Most states have legalized the kinds of apps mentioned below but you should not use them for immoral purposes, for eg. stalking someone. Before you purchase any spying app, go through the laws of your state relating to this subject and check for any provision that can make you liable for your actions. 

The Top 5 Ways to Spy your Target’s iPhone


If you are looking for an efficient app that spies on your target without being detectable, Minspy will live up to all your expectations. It’s a one-stop solution for all your tracking and surveillance requirements and will help you watch over any smart, internet-based device. 

Worried about its legality? Well, it has been featured by many prominent media sources like Technews, Forbes, CNET and Lifewire and is absolutely trustable. 

When we talk about the best spying software, Minspy ticks all the boxes to mark its place in the list. It’s a powerful spying tool in the hands of a user and doesn’t require him to possess any technical mastery. 

The app is easy to navigate and doesn’t require a jailbreak for monitoring your target’s iPhone. All in all, with Minspy, you can track your target’s location, view their call logs and chats, browse their search history and contacts and much more, without being caught. 

Features Offered By Minspy: 

  • Hides your identity: You can basically use Minspy in a stealth mode and remain undetectable. 
  • Uses internet-based interface: You are allowed to monitor the iPhone or iPad from any web browser you use on your devices.
  • Doesn’t require rooting: This is one of the most impressive characteristics of Minspy. Other apps serving the same cause do not let you spy on an iPhone without rooting it, but Minspy offers you this advanced feature.
  • Provides you with the key to track various apps: Tracking of all kinds of apps is made easier. You can not only track the location, calls and SMS’s but also access the WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Facebook and other social media accounts of your target with ease.
  • Could be installed in a few minutes: Since you are not required to jailbreak an iPhone to spy on it using Minspy, it hardly takes a few minutes to set in the target phone.


This is a top-rated spying app mostly used by parents to look after their children’s online activities. It offers all the basic features you might require for effective management and monitoring of your employees in the workplace. If you are looking for a program that lets you know about your romantic partner’s online activities, Spyier will get you the desired results seamlessly.

Like any other spying software, Spyier proposes a robust system for monitoring your target’s activity. It provides you with access to their iPhone’s media, calls logs, messages, social media chats, sim card information, etc. 

What’s the best part? Well,  they will never know that you know, what they know! No, I’m not quoting phrases from “Friends” but trying to draw your attention towards the “stealth mode”, which allows you to look into anything without letting the target know.

Spyier has been listed several times by popular news and media outlets like Buzzfeed, Tech Times, Life wire, etc. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt as to its workability. Boasting users from over 190 countries, it holds a strong reputation in the market. Since its installation process is unsophisticated, anyone can use it without any worries. 


There are hundreds of spying software present in the market at the moment and Spyic is one of them. What I mean to say is, this app doesn’t have an out-of-the-box quality and offers just the basic features you expect from any monitoring service. 

If you are planning to track an iPhone, there is no requirement for installing an app on the target device. On the other hand, for the tracking of an Android phone, you will need to install the Spyic app, which is quite different from its iPhone version. 

Regardless, the user of the targeted device will not be able to figure out any of this, as the app icon disappears after installation is completed. As stated earlier, you would be able to track any device and perform all the basic functions like keeping an eye on call logs, messages, location, etc. 

The user- interface will let you navigate through the app effortlessly and you won’t need to find your way through cluttered icons. What if you get stuck somewhere? Well, the dedicated customer service assists promptly and is totally reliable.


Boasting more than 1,00,000 million users worldwide, Neatspy has marked its presence in our list owing to its credibility and reliability. The app has been around for a while now and works satisfactorily when it comes to performance. 

Whether you want to track your kid’s online behavior or spy on your suspicious partner, Neatspy will not fail to impress you. The software is compatible with all the versions of iOS for your iPad or iPhone and requires no jailbreaking into the target phone whatsoever. 

You can also use Neatspy for Android phones. However, to use it for Android and access all of its features, you need to root your phone, which is honestly quite outdated. You also don’t get to try the software for free as there is no trial version and the packages offered are quite expensive too. 


Cocospy is a reasonably priced software and delivers the desired functions as promised and advertised. It is a well-known spying app and used in more than 190 countries. If you are scared to place your bet on a paid spy app, the 60-days money-back guarantee offered by Cocospy is the assurance you need.

What I like the most about Cocospy is it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles and does exactly what it is meant for. You won’t have to waste your time fiddling around with the UI as it is extremely intuitive. 

Along with the basic spying functions like tracking live locations, allowing access to messages, chats and call logs, this app also has an inbuilt keylogger. Therefore it can retrieve anything that’s typed via the keyboard into the device. 

Keeping your identity anonymous, Cocospy will work without needing any rooting or jailbreak. The stealth mode will never reveal your identity and the 2 Mb app will just remain unnoticed on the target phone for as long as you want. If it’s your first time buying a spy software, this simple and straight program is probably one of the best options for you.


I hope this article has helped you in discovering the top 5 ways to spy on someone’s apps on iPhone. Since the instruments mentioned here are mostly permitted for legal and conscientious use, you would be able to use them without any hassle. 

Make sure you obtain the consensus of the target individual in the cases where you wish to check up on them for reasons other than surveillance. 

Your wish to go undercover and have a check on your loved ones is just a few clicks away. Get access to any of these programs and put a stop to your worries right away. 

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