12 Websites that can make you smarter

The amount of websites that you can find online is practically unlimited, but the truth is that it is difficult to find good quality in a sea of shallow information. Internet has an incredible potential for education and there are many things that we can learn online. However, much of the content available is not exactly designed to help you to exercise your brain. If you are tired of meaningless “news” articles, videos that don’t contain any useful information and other content that doesn’t help you to get an intellectual workout, the websites in our list are a great alternative. You will find interesting information and will fill your mind with new ideas and inspiration.


TED is probably known by most people at this stage, but if you haven’t visited it yet, make sure that you do it as soon as you can! TED offers an incredible selection of lectures (talks) from technology experts, scientists, musicians and many amazing people who share their knowledge and experience in captivating style. You can find many updates and watch presentations that will open your mind to a world of knowledge.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has become quite popular for its simple and fun approach to the learning process. It features a library of videos that will help you to gain or reinforce knowledge and skills. There is an extensive selection of interesting lectures that cover a wide range of topics including Math, History, Science, Art, Computer Programming and much more. It is an impressive knowledge sharing platform and the online classes are free.

Free Rice

This website will not only help you to nurture your intellect, it can also feed those who need it most. The concept is amazing: you will be presented with a series of questions in different categories and for each correct answer, the website will donate rice to the World Food Programme. You can put your knowledge to the test and help to end world hunger in one go.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a free platform to discover some of the best cultural and educational content available in internet. The website offers an impressive selection of audio books, movies, online courses, videos, textbooks and language lessons. Knowledge is at anyone’s reach with this fantastic website.

Unplug the TV

If you want to acquire new knowledge but don’t know where to begin or don’t mind the subject, this website is the right option for you. Whenever you visit the website, a video is randomly selected and you can watch and learn something online. The videos cover many different topics and they are taking from high quality educational sources.


LifeHacker is a popular source for tips that will help you to face daily life in a smarter way. It covers practically anything: technology, finances, health, cooking and social issues. You will find many great ideas to be more productive, healthier and to care for your well-being.

Lizard Point

With Lizard Point, you can learn using fantastic interactive solutions and test your Geography, Math or Art knowledge with a wide variety of quizzes. The website offers a good combination of text and graphics and offers entertaining trivia and games.


In Coursera you can find free content from some of the best universities in the world, including Yale and Stanford. There are thousands of courses available online in areas like computer science and business. With Coursera, you can get access to advanced knowledge from prestigious institutions, without leaving home.

Mental Floss

If you don’t have much time, but want to make your break smarter by accessing interesting information and quick fascinating facts, Mental Floss is a great choice. The website will surprise you with a great deal of knowledge, presented in a fun, simple way.

How Stuff Works

If you have a curious mind and often wonder what’s behind the objects that we use everyday or the advanced technology that moves our world, How Stuff Works will be your ally in the road to discovery. The website covers an extensive selection of topics and it provides detailed information on how things actually work.


Quora is another popular website and it allows people from around the world to exchange information. You can ask a question and get answers from people that know about the subject. Not all questions or answers are clever, but everyone gets a response and some of the information is quite useful.


Lang-8 is a social platform that will allow you to improve your language skills. If you are learning a language and need help from native speakers, you can get it from the Lang-8 community. All you need to do is to post something you have written in the language you are learning and someone who is a native speaker will give you feedback and will help your to correct any mistakes.


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